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Synonyms for doze

Synonyms for doze

to sleep for a brief period

a brief sleep

Synonyms for doze

a light fitful sleep


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Turns out RBG had been in a similar situation before - dozing off, not necessarily drunk --at events.
Imagine dozing off in a discussion about the murder of a man by an agent of the state.
At my old school, my classes had about 30 kids per class and I sat in the back, dozing off.
Often spotted dozing off in the directors box, she was also prone to hurling abuse at opposing players while her potty old man once dressed as superman and threatened to punch the minister responsible for sequestrating his company Rumasa.
Patricia McLeod, aged 59, was just dozing off at her Midlothian home when the buzzing noise began.
Almost half of those admit to dozing off at the wheel more than once.
If not, you're dating the wrong guy or dozing off during math class.
Though they were unavailable for comment, a handful of students seen dozing off in the soft chairs in the third-floor book stacks seemed quite pleased with the new surroundings as well.
Whether in meetings or the semi-seclusion of your cubicle, dozing off interferes with your workload and negatively impacts your professionalism.
My childhood, with a pup held close, dozing off at the edge of the fire and the darkness.
The narration pointed towards the possibility that the driver had suddenly woken up after dozing off and applied the brakes in a confused state.
The devices, hidden in lights and smoke alarms, caught the Tata workers dozing off in mess rooms.
Even as Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar was explaining the various aspects of lawmaking and responsibilities associated with the executive, many of the deputies were seen dozing off.
It's down to them to stop each other dozing off - so prepare for fireworks.
I HAVE to own up to dozing off for a while during this film, because of jet-lag.