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Synonyms for doze

Synonyms for doze

to sleep for a brief period

a brief sleep

Synonyms for doze

a light fitful sleep


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An hour was required to subdue him to a doze, and only by continuously stroking his forehead could she keep him asleep.
This was such a vast speculation that he fell into a doze again, and slept until the fire was quite burnt out.
Rachael seemed to have fallen into a doze, in the chair by the bed.
As he stood thus, with his brother on the other side, he fell into a heavy doze, of not a minute's duration, and awoke with a start.
After dismissing his brother in this gracious way, he fell into a doze again before the old man was well out of the room: and he would have stumbled forward upon the logs, but for his daughter's restraining hold.
After which Mr Dorrit was seized with a doze for about a minute, out of which he sprang with spasmodic nimbleness.
He soon fell into a gentle doze, from which he was awakened by the light of a candle: which, being brought near the bed, showed him a gentleman with a very large and loud-ticking gold watch in his hand, who felt his pulse, and said he was a great deal better.
Nustatyta, kad kai vandens pH verte yra 5,0, reikalingos mazesnes koagulianto dozes nei tada, kai vandens pH verte yra 7,0.
There's only one problem--Uncle Dave, our senior deacon, always dozes off about halfway through the pastor's sermon.
She said that the government would facilitate the NGOs and private sector to join hand for the elimination of this menace from the country and to create awareness among the parents that anti-polio doze should be given to every child under 5 years of age and repeated dozes to the children are safe.
A clock in the living area starts ticking any time one of them dozes off.
Michael dozes off, but as his vehicle veers off the road, he awakens in time to avoid hitting a girl standing on the side of the road.
2) Rick Gentilo dozes on a lawn in Brentwood as he waits to see Monica Lewinsky.
But Regis also raises the theory, advanced by others, that the institute's very isolation is the cause of this sloth; that is, given no outside stimulation, a person doesn't concentrate harder, he dozes off.