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They used the very flimsiest and cheapest material; they built the houses a dozen at a time, and they cared about nothing at all except the outside shine.
They charge so much a dozen, and earn their living very comfortably.
Passepartout was waiting for his master, armed with half a dozen six-barrelled revolvers.
And he emptied his pockets on the table, the contents consisting of a dozen gold pieces, five or six five-franc pieces, and some smaller coin.
It means that Monsieur de Richelieu was able to find trusty servants, dozens and dozens of them.
A tradition ran in the family, that Peter's grandfather, a jovial officer in the old French War, had set aside many dozens of the precious liquor for the benefit of topers then unborn.
If I know that she has such a thing as a heart at all, it is not from herself but from my own observation; and as for lovers, though she may have had dozens for any thing I know, to ME they are absolutely strangers.
The maids do their work very well, and I think we shall be able to send back some dozens of the rings.
She knew dozens of hydros, and warned me how to behave in them, while Mr.
I see what it has made of dozens of others, those I meet, and it positively aches within me, to the point of exasperation, that it would have made something of me as well.
Welland condoned her truancy, having that very morning won her over to the necessity of a long engagement, with time to prepare a hand-embroidered trousseau containing the proper number of dozens.
but a new idea, and I have dozens of them," said Joe; "if we could only manage to capture a team of live eagles, we could hitch them to the balloon, and they'd haul us through the air
An ax in the hands of a burly Negro cleft the captain from forehead to chin, and an instant later the others were down: dead or wounded from dozens of blows and bullet wounds.
She wore a dressing-jacket, her feet were in slippers, her face painted, and her hair was in dozens of small plaits.
But a commander in chief, especially at a difficult moment, has always before him not one proposal but dozens simultaneously.