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Synonyms for doze

Synonyms for doze

to sleep for a brief period

a brief sleep

Synonyms for doze

a light fitful sleep


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It was probably a very memorable experience for the journalist, who gave a more detailed account of how Nicki Minaj dozed off.
The victim dozed off and as the train arrived at Runcorn, a man grabbed the bag from the seat next to the victim and quickly left the train.
It appears that the occupier had put a pan on the cooker, then dozed off in another room.
The residents did not return to the apartment, except Mansoor, who went back after Friday afternoon prayers and dozed off on the couch.
The 50-year-old pilot has been grounded since March 23, the day he dozed for about 30 minutes after Flight 693 under his command took off at around 10:30 a.
Japan's All Nippon Airways has claimed that a pilot who dozed in the cockpit during a domestic flight has a sleep disorder.
More than one in 10 drivers admits to have fallen asleep at the wheel, and more than two in 10 admit to having momentarily dozed while driving, according to a recent survey of 1,024 drivers done by Farmers Insurance.
Thankfully I dozed off before Her Majesty dozed on, I just couldn't take any more rib-tickling entertainment.
Heggstrom, a millworker who describes herself as a night owl because she works the late shift, had dozed off in the living room when "there was a loud enough noise that it startled me.
AN inquiry was under way yesterday after a passenger told how he took the wheel of the coach on which he was travelling when the driver dozed off on a motorway.
A 16th-century physician wrote that many laborers dozed off exhausted at the start of each night.
He dozed off, remembering nothing the next morning until he was drinking coffee.
A horrified father watched as a mink leapt at his baby boy as he dozed in his pushchair.
But take a normal course on logic and you are likely to be dozed to sleep with melatonin-laced nostrums like non sequitur, if p then q, and syllogistic fallacies.
I apparently dozed during the announcement of that rule on the airplane and went to the restroom at a prohibited time.