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a hymn or verse in Christian liturgy glorifying God

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This is the same doxology the narrator attributes to Trumpet's crow.
From that time Barnett and sax player Will Cleary, whom Barnett credits with being' the major force behind the Jazz Mass, composed music "completely from scratch" to accompany the ancient Latin prayers of the church Kyrie, Gloria, Doxology, Sanctus and Benedictus.
The blending of science and faith concludes in chapter nine with an extended doxology, which attempts to "recast the scientific creation story to open up its grandeur" (p.
Doxology in one form or another turns out to be the very core of what transpires in the sphere of so-called economic relations even, and perhaps especially, where they appear to be--gloriously--managing themselves.
The final doxology affirms that God's eternal rule is precisely exhibited in these kinds of social transformations (verse 10).
There is no clause or concept within the Constitution that appeals to divinity, nor any kind of doxology.
The smell of the wood, Sunday school, singing the doxology and Mr.
To date they have three independently released EP's, Doxology, NIGHT and Judge.
He argues that those who treat history as important, as constitutive of their own doxology, should acknowledge that the fourth century, which includes disavowal of the Gospel and apostasy, compromise and conflict, "is effective for us" too.
Christian doxology, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is performative theology whereby the Christian and the Christian community participate in God's life as revealed in the mystery of salvation.
Missiology, we might say, consists of zeal seeking the accompaniment of knowledge; always beyond, however, beckons the realm of doxology.
Twenty-four times it appears conjoined in the liturgical Halelu-Yah doxology in Psalms; eighteen times it stands alone, and once it is conjoined with a preposition in Psalm 68:5.
Finding Intimacy with God which Becomes a Living Doxology of Praise
We are taught the things of Christ by the inexplicable mysteries of doxology as well as the neat formulations of theology.