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a hymn or verse in Christian liturgy glorifying God

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Another questioned directing the prayer in the preface and doxology to the Trinity rather than only to the Father, as is traditional in eucharistic prayers from the fifth century on.
Twenty-four times it appears conjoined in the liturgical Halelu-Yah doxology in Psalms; eighteen times it stands alone, and once it is conjoined with a preposition in Psalm 68:5.
Finding Intimacy with God which Becomes a Living Doxology of Praise
The world-premiere of the piece served as a doxology, a prayerful homage to the late taipan and as prayerful preface to the concert.
To date they have three independently released EP's, Doxology, NIGHT and Judge.
Alternatively, one may say that the whole of God's mission is aimed at doxology, the feast of creation, the feast of life, if understood as the eschatological completion or fulfilment of God's work.
The blending of science and faith concludes in chapter nine with an extended doxology, which attempts to "recast the scientific creation story to open up its grandeur" (p.
Notwithstanding all of its respectful liturgy and doxology, religion is, in part, frustration and anger with the Creator, who gave us just enough intelligence to understand life's dilemmas, but not enough intelligence to do anything about them.
Doxology in one form or another turns out to be the very core of what transpires in the sphere of so-called economic relations even, and perhaps especially, where they appear to be--gloriously--managing themselves.
Worship, in turn, is most essentially doxology, the giving of glory to the Lord by means of praise, penitence, and thanksgiving woven together into a seamless garment and harmonized into a musical love offering.
Basing his agenda on one phrase from a doxology might make an interesting sermon, but not a scholarly essay.
The final doxology affirms that God's eternal rule is precisely exhibited in these kinds of social transformations (verse 10).
In this passage, Melville links the cock to Christian doxology.
Doxology and theology; an investigation of the Apostles' Creed in light of Ludwig Wittgenstein.
Readers who are not Catholic may be reminded that the doxology is included by Protestants at the end of the Lord's Prayer "to the despair of their Catholic friends" (112).