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a hymn or verse in Christian liturgy glorifying God

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2) Each letter includes "ritualistic, liturgical language, such as prayers, petitions, thanksgivings, benedictions and doxologies," with Paul functioning as a worship leader "by performing various acts of epistolary worship within the letters" (180).
May's embodied doxologies are resonant with Keller's vision of a necessarily material aspect to the divine, and a similarly grounded, experiential theology is also taken up by Alves, who writes that "the body has a philosophy of its own," and that our realities are inherently shaded by a material world that only takes on meaning when ascribed with words (Alves, The Poet, The Warrior, The Prophet 37-57).
The very fluency of the discourse, its blithe postponement of tough questions by means of slogans and doxologies, all by itself aroused Blixen's suspicion and inclined her against the suave attempt at persuasion.
Tate: to which are added hymns for the celebration of church holy days and festivals, contained 86 psalms and hymns and 2 doxologies.
The final two verses contain one of the great Pauline doxologies (cf.
Pearson, God We Praise You: Eighteen Hymns and Nine Doxologies to Familiar Tunes, Melbourne, JBCE, 1995; Peter Mangold, Sing a New Song: A Worship Song Book for Australian Churches, Belgrave, 1992; Patricia Watts.
To produce an English translation of the most significant sections of the text (some sections being in the form of doxologies or praise language and others which are not really translatable) and summarizing the remainder.
Under Jeffrey Skidmore's clear, fluent direction, Victoria's timelessly evocative sonorities rolled warmly around this wonderful basilica, plainsong chants leading seamlessly into Victoria's richly-composed settings (as many as 12 separate voices brought into play), and all conjuring the sensuous ecstasy of the composer's characteristically hispanic mix of mysterious darkness and blazing light, nobly flowing harmonies and dancing doxologies, summoning at times quasi-Arabic melisma and angular medievalism.