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a hymn or verse in Christian liturgy glorifying God

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It relies on the historical observation(92) that the early creedal expressions in both Testaments and the creeds of the ancient church were doxologically expressed whence the doctrines and systematic reflection developed.
For me there is in Sahlins' work, wittingly or not, a notion of the savage mind that doxologically emerges from a previous tradition.
Everything else the Church does doxologically prepares for and finds its fulfillment in that beautiful and unbloody sacrifice.
Starting and ending with a doxologically grounded theological ethics, Yoder had planned to show us just how radically Jesus has altered reality.
The speculative and contemplative dimensions of theology are inseparable, and "the theologian will be engaged with God affectively as well as cognitively, imaginatively as well as discursively, silently as well as expressively, doxologically as well as academically.