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a woman who cohabits with an important man

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Even as we speak, Turkish doxies of unimaginable beauty are rolling my baccy between their golden thighs.
Debra Dove was raised in Phoenix and now resides in Northern Arizona with her husband, two spoiled doxies and a very lazy cat.
Becky Adams said Para Doxies - named after an old word for prostitute - will be non-profit-making and fitted with ramps and hoists.
As for the wives and doxies who trail malefactors up and down Britain at our expense, I suspect they'd be happy to live on the proceeds of crime had their inept men not been caught.
She then proceeds to express her preference for the simplicity of the Dissenters' chapel over all of the "dogmas and doxies.
Some doxies streaked, some scampered and others strolled - and a few refused to start at all - but the ultimate winner was never in doubt: 14-month-old Kittie, the darling of Cottage Grove residents Josh King and Kaitlin McKinnon, left everyone else in the dust.