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a woman who cohabits with an important man

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As for the wives and doxies who trail malefactors up and down Britain at our expense, I suspect they'd be happy to live on the proceeds of crime had their inept men not been caught.
She then proceeds to express her preference for the simplicity of the Dissenters' chapel over all of the "dogmas and doxies.
Some doxies streaked, some scampered and others strolled - and a few refused to start at all - but the ultimate winner was never in doubt: 14-month-old Kittie, the darling of Cottage Grove residents Josh King and Kaitlin McKinnon, left everyone else in the dust.
The literature of the Elizabethan underclass with its fascinating accounts of vagrants, peddlers, doxies, confidence tricksters, pickpockets, dissemblers, unemployed street entertainers, disabled veterans, masterless outcasts, beggars, and "upright men" (swindlers masquerading as respectable citizens) has attracted a formidable amount of scholarly attention in recent decades.
One wrote to George Melly, the Liverpudlians, raconteur, boozer, blues singer, writer and general high-liver: "I cannot and will not tolerate this house becoming a common bagnio, a sponge house, a place of assignation, a pimp's brothel, or for Mick Mulligan to bring his doxies here and perform his strange tribal rites with them in the early hours of the morning.