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Synonyms for downstream

in the direction of a stream's current


away from the source or with the current


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Auto Manufacturing 90% Cement 95% Chemicals 100% Coal 100% Dowstream Petroleum 100% Education and Health Institutions 33% Electric Utilities 100% Energy Pipelines 100% Federal Government 100% Lime 45% Metal Mining and Processing 90% Municipal Governments 37% Natural Gas Distribution 100% Primary Aluminium 100% provincial Governments 100% Pulp and Paper 75% Railways 100% Service and Retail Industry 24% Steel 100% Textiles 60% Upstream Oil and Gas 93% Note: Table made from bar graph
On January 7, 1997, a US Geological Survey (USGS) employee took a boat out on the Sacramento at Freeport, a small town dowstream from the state capital, rinsed out a Teflon container three times, then filled it with river water.
The third most important point of divergence is the quantity of water allowed to flow dowstream Kotri to ensure adequate quantity of fresh water supply to mangroves in the deltaric region.