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forked stick that is said to dip down to indicate underground water or oil

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The photo above shows the proper way to hold the dowsing rod.
Earlier in the 20th Century physical scientists, such as Maby, Franklin and Tromp attempted to explain dowsing rod movement in terms of natural forces, especially electromagnetic fields.
Wands, along with cloaks and pointy hats, are so last season, schweedie, and a handier implement is the trusty dowsing rod.
More recently, dowsing rods have also been made of two separate metal rods, as in the Wootton Wawen case.
For rookie ghost hunters, dowsing rods - more commonly found used in well witching - help detect changes in a room's energy, which could mean the presence of a spirit, the ghost hunters said.
Ghost guide Marg Royce enticed them to the table, while a member of the group held the dowsing rods.
I read your article on the "Utility and Limits of Dowsing Rods to Chart the Subsurface" with interest.
It is a very Magickal tree used for dowsing rods, amulets and spells.
They will set up motion detectors and hold seances and ouija sessions, as well as monitoring for supernatural activity using mediums, electromagnetic sensors and dowsing rods.
Tools of the trade include dowsing rods and pendulums which measure magnetic changes in the air and earth, camcorders, cameras, electro-magnetic and ultrasound meters, electronic voice recorders, motion detectors, thermometers ( and mediums.
When I brought my dowsing rods in, they twitched and picked up a lot of nasty, disruptive energy which has become static and embedded in the walls.
Montz distributes equipment - thermometers, compasses, a video camera, a magnetometer (to detect changes in electrical fields that indicate a ghost is hanging around) and dowsing rods (Y-shaped devices that have been used in the occult since the Middle Ages).
My other writing requires me to peek through parish keyholes and to bring dowsing rods on church grounds in search of the living waters of good service.
I'll be taking my dowsing rods, which are very sensitive to this kind of energy, and Gary will be using his own ability to see into other worlds.
Dowsing means using a simple pendulum or a pair of dowsing rods to identify energy within the home.