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searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod

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They explained that dowsing is not just used for finding water but also oil, buried architecture, lay lines and it was responsible for finding the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.
He said: "Two years ago one of my cats went missing and I decided I will try this dowsing thing.
Dowsing is described as a faculty employed with intent to expand the perceptive abilities of its practitioner beyond three-dimensional limitations.
You can use simple dowsing methods for all aspects of your life, not just looking for water.
The British Society of Dowsers, formed in 1933, says it has some 1,600 people registered with it - including around 100 professional dowsers - and the registered charity runs regular courses on dowsing throughout the year.
Divining, also known as dowsing, has existed for thousands of years and the most common divining rod was a Y-shaped branch.
The walk will follow public footpaths over the golf course and is aimed at those with some experience of dowsing as well as complete beginners.
Dowsing expert Margaret Beavis will discuss the technique, in which she uses a pendulum to attempt to discover the causes of people's problems.
The band's second opus, Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue (Robotic Empire), is a thoroughly overwhelming album, highly recommended for fans of abominable lows and unnatural highs.
Dowsing rods (two hand-held metallic wires are almost universally referred to as "dowsing rods" regardless of the application; we will follow that convention) have been the subject of controversy for centuries.
Dowsing techniques generally involve using simple tools (forked sticks, bent rods) and highly focused intent to solve practical problems such as finding water or locating underground pipes and electric lines.
Dowsing, or divining is called a quest - you are seeking something, such as an answer or a direction.
Dowsing, ridden by Pat Eddery and trained by Jeremy Tree, got the better of Silver Fling by a head in the Vernons Sprint Cup at Haydock Park.
In December 1643 the Earl of Manchester, commander of the army of East Anglia, commissioned the yeoman William Dowsing as visitor to carry out the 1643 Parliamentary Ordinance for destroying monuments of idolatry, our only known such commission.
Montz distributes equipment - thermometers, compasses, a video camera, a magnetometer (to detect changes in electrical fields that indicate a ghost is hanging around) and dowsing rods (Y-shaped devices that have been used in the occult since the Middle Ages).