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If electrosmog tests out on a patient using the aforementioned test ampoule, then I recommend that an experienced dowser make a house call to measure the internal electrosmog levels with high-and low-frequency measuring devices.
Using this kind of technique, one of our test dowsers located a dozen drilling points in the Sinai desert within five working days, covering thousands of square miles.
Dowsers search by walking across properties with the extended tool, which dips when the dowser's muscles are temporarily weakened by strong electromagnetic fields above metal ores or flowing water.
The Guidestones attract all sorts of visitors--Wiccans, Druids, dowsers, UFO buffs, New Agers of all stripes, tourists, and even astrology and astronomy buffs.
Over the years police followed up 11,000 tips or theories from dowsers, clairvoyants, spiritualists and mind-readers.
Other vet dowsers make it clear that they know it works--even if they don't know how it works.
The thermometer supplants sensitive hands; sonar replaces dowsers.
It is designed to help alchemists, dowsers, amateur archeologists and archeo-astronomers, heavy-lift engineers, and backyard builders answer some of life's biggest questions.
In medieval Europe, people called water witches or dowsers were believed to be able to detect groundwater using a forked stick and mystical insight.
Ed is the self-appointed Archdruid of Cornwall, Glynis his Archdruidess, and their lawn will be the centre of the universe for pagans, bards, clairvoyants and dowsers of all shapes and sizes.
Scientific people who use radiation detectors and diviners who use dowsers can tell you that energy currents exist in the alignments.
Top firms like BT and BP are using dowsers to help locate THEIR OWN underground pipes and cables, a top academic claimed yesterday.
Indeed, it's the explanations for what a dowser's body might be responding to--and how unimpeachable the scientific evidence of dowsing's efficacy is--that divide skeptics and dowsers.
section] People called dowsers can locate underground water with a forked stick.
Nexeras are now being integrated into Wybron's InfoTrace family, joining ColorRams, CXIs and Eclipse dowsers.