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someone who uses a divining rod to find underground water

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forked stick that is said to dip down to indicate underground water or oil

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In vain, he extended his arm melodramatically, like a dowser reaching out to the crater, trying to get something, anything from the wreckage before him.
88) In support of this conclusion, Kenny J referred to Dowser J's observation in Danoz Direct that most authorities indicate that the effect of s 51A is to place the ultimate burden of proof of reasonable grounds upon the defendant.
By the end of 1982, she tried a dowser for geopathic radiation.
A water dowser from Caerphilly was also called out to stop the flames spreading to neighbouring properties.
The strange situation may be illustrated as follows: A dowser is able to survey a very large area within a short time, while keeping up to the given goal to find, e.
Once he had been a striker in front of 4,000 people, and some part of that day had found its way under his skin as sure as a tic had done its dowser work.
There are people who have an inexplicable ability to detect subterranean currents of water or (especially in the Alpine countries) crystals and veins of precious ore, and Szeemann was like that--a kind of dowser of artistic energy.
Likewise, when looking for a water well site, the dowser needs to seek "high quality, potable, year-round water sufficient for the needs of this family, etc.
Like the barely perceptible presence of water trapped in an underground place, (8) Aciman suggests that the past remains accessible to memory, which moves back and forth over the surface of our lives, like a dowser seeking the vital fluids that keep who and where we are now, connected to who and where we have been.
This forerunner of Surrealism is a releasing agent, a dowser.
She had been a dowser, but turned away from this sideline when the ovarian cancer was discovered.
Kachadorian's mother, Lea, is widely in demand as a dowser, but the amusing first impression left by the film is that just about every other Vermonter is also wandering around with a diving rod in his hands.
The ne'er-do-well former employee Silas, now returned in ill health at haying-time, hoping to find work with the reluctant Warren and his wife Mary, is revealed as a true Frostian solitary by two epiphany-signaling objects: Mary tells of Silas's fondness for seeking water with a "hazel prong" dowser (Frostian magic- tree motif) and of Silas's skill at unloading his hay-bunches resembling "big birds' nests" (epiphanic bird theme [83, 93]).
My skeptical uncle in Connecticut once wagered my grandmother that she could not locate the same spot on his property that his neighbor, who was also a dowser, had identified as having an underground water source.
I don't know if they're covered by a Dowser Regulation Authority.