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someone who uses a divining rod to find underground water

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forked stick that is said to dip down to indicate underground water or oil

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While paranormal phenomena are known to be quite rare and hard to reproduce, a dowser can perform on a routine basis.
Dowsers search by walking across properties with the extended tool, which dips when the dowser's muscles are temporarily weakened by strong electromagnetic fields above metal ores or flowing water.
Dowser said she hardly swims, but that this summer she and her son have gone to the pool three times a week.
In the French version, instead of calling herself a water dowser, as the English translation has it, Djebar asks herself how she might work as a sorceress to bring to life the voices suspended in the silences of yesterday's harem (the paraphrase/translation is my own).
Indeed, it's the explanations for what a dowser's body might be responding to--and how unimpeachable the scientific evidence of dowsing's efficacy is--that divide skeptics and dowsers.
McNamara said: "Stuart and Dowser both trained on Wednesday so they do have an outside chance.
com)-- “Dowsing works best when based on need not greed,” teaches longtime dowser John Wayne Blassingame.
Rankin said: "The manager told me 'I owe you an apology' as I came up the stairs – because he had credited Dowser with my goal.
If electrosmog tests out on a patient using the aforementioned test ampoule, then I recommend that an experienced dowser make a house call to measure the internal electrosmog levels with high-and low-frequency measuring devices.
Dowser, as Geordie as Newky Brown, has served his club well for 11 years, first as a player then commercial manager and now manager.
When a source of water fills those fractures a dowser will find success.
Peter's excuse is that all he ever wanted to do was sell good beer and give people what they want ( a festival with beers such as The Amber Necktie from Selby, Flying Herbert from Guisborough, Old Humbug from Hexham and Thrapple Dowser from Perth would intrigue any thirst.
Leavis asserts thatshe is "a dowser and not a navvy.
And she hired a dowser and psychics in a bid to track down her border collie.
At least I held my hand up to the fact I'm rotten but the bold Dowser thinks he's the biggest swinger in town.