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Synonyms for dowry

Synonyms for dowry

money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage

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India's impressive GDP growth rate of 9% in recent years has actually increased materialism and hence the size of dowries, leading to increased dowry murders.
Many times they are made weeks or even moments before the wedding, or, to avoid stipulations in the Dowry Restraint Act of 1961 which prohibits the giving or acceptance of dowries, demands may be made after the marriage has taken place to prevent repudiation or humiliation of the bride.
Most of the women selling textiles to Andreas Geno were therefore likely to have been widows, exercising the economic freedom that historians have found typical of widows in control of their dowries and property.
Judge Kavuma noted that although some men misuse the dowry system, even in marriages where dowries are unknown and never practiced, violence against women is rampant the world over.
Nisha, 21, called police to have the groom arrested under 40-year-old laws banning dowries.
It prompted officials there to issue a statement last week claiming that thousands of Indian women were being cheated out of their dowries.
These were the chests that contained the most important part of the dowries in the form of valuable embroidery, textiles and even the jewellery brought from the parent's house to her new home.
There is nothing new in the argument that increasing demands for large dowries led to an increase in the numbers of convents that catered to the needs of aristocratic families and their daughters in late-medieval and early modern Europe.
It is this public aspect that interests Anthony Molho in his book Marriage Alliance in Late Medieval Florence, particularly the connections between dowries, public finance, and the construction and solidarity of Florence's ruling class in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
Ahmed Al Mashari, a citizen, said the fund would help youth who want to get married, but it should become a reality soon, adding that many could not afford the wedding expenses, starting from huge dowries to the wedding parties.
High costs of dowries and ceremonies in prestige-conscious Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have often delayed marriages among young people in the early years of their professional lives.
Salem Ayash, a poet from the city of Taiz, said that he requested the unusual 'payment' before agreeing to let his daughter get married as no-one in Yemen can afford to pay dowries anymore, Metro.
According to Ahmed Al-Ghazan, a social researcher at the Sana'a Social Studies Center, dowries in Yemen generally range from YR200,000 ($930) to YR2 million ($9,300), barring the extremely poor, extremely wealthy Yemenis paying higher dowry prices for women who hold citizenship from Western countries.
Puok said that dowries should not be eliminated, but called for a reduction in their cost.
The move, by Director General Ahmed Saeed bin Hazim, aims to reduce the amount of dowries and other costs related to weddings in the UAE.