downy mildew

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Unlike powdery mildew that we see on clematis, roses and Michaelmas daisies downy mildew thrives in moist environments.
Tests on phlox 'Blue Paradise', which is said to be resistant to mildew, and the non-resistant phlox 'Fujiyama', showed that both were badly affected by mildew, while there was also no difference in the result of tests for downy mildew on the so-called resistant butterhead lettuce 'Milan' and the non-resistant 'All the Year Round'.
In fall 2007, "We began greenhouse trials of the 59 wild Australian sunflower populations we collected to evaluate their resistance to downy mildew, which doesn't currently exist in Australia, and to rust, which is severe there," says Gulya.
We've stepped up production this season because downy mildew and late blight control along with resistance management are a big deal to our growers," said Wade Stewart, Summit Agro vice president of sales and development.
The only headache has been a form of downy mildew that has been attacking the plants, particularly in the wetter summers that we have been experiencing over recent years.
WATCH FOR DOWNY MILDEW Foggy weather and moist conditions encourage it.
Some plants such as cannas, tender geraniums, petunias and nicotiana will suffer in wet weather as their flowers turn into a soggy mass or they develop downy mildew.
For preventing apple scab and downy mildew on cucumber, pumpkin and zucchini, try chive spray.
PIPPA SAYS: I suspect that your Jacob's ladder (polemonium) suffered the same fate as one I bought recently - an attack of downy mildew.
1982--First seed treatment fungicide for downy mildew protection, Apron[R] introduced.
The causal fungus of downy mildew, Sclerophthora macrospora, also causes crazy top in corn (Zea mays).
The disease causes discoloration of the leaves accompanied by a secondary disease, downy mildew.
Downy mildew, which is much rarer, attacks the lower side of the leaf.
At the beginning of this novel, Z, Vassilis Vassilikos has his government officials drawing the metaphor between downy mildew, which attacks grapevines, and communism, which attacks the state.
Polyoxin B used for prevention and control of serious plant diseases, such as wheat powdery mildew, rice sheath blight, cucumber downy mildew, apple leaf spot, ginseng black spot, among many others.