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Synonyms for downwind

towards the side away from the wind


Related Words

away from the wind


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The only difference in the CSD model topology between the three-bladed configuration and the two-bladed is the number of blades, and a teetering joint which was added to the two-bladed wind turbine for both upwind and downwind configurations.
So we will have the downwind leg before the finish," a confident Gavignet said.
But even with the smaller estimated health effect, reducing the downwind extra exposure to zero in dense urban areas like Los Angeles would be cost-effective, according to Anderson.
Results show very clearly that the downwind population has suffered because of these exposures.
The Carkeek 60 is fast downwind due to its light displacement and generous sail area.
At the upwind and the distant downwind sites, endotoxin concentrations did not vary significantly over 24 hours.
Hitachi will combine its power control technologies as well as the system linkage and stabilization technologies with FHI's downwind type turbine technologies, with the goal of expanding further into the renewable energy market.
But 43-year-old Olympian Walker, the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority-backed team is relishing getting its state-of-the-art race yacht, Azzam, back into the water, as much of the leg will feature the outfit's much preferred downwind sailing.
Ainslie finished race nine in Perth second to Holland's Pieter-Jan Postma, but felt impeded by the media boat's wake on the downwind leg.
The wide end is downwind and the point, where the hunters hide, is upwind.
Washington, Mar 12 (ANI): Scientists at the University of Miami (UM) have discovered two plumes of oil-based pollutants downwind of the BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill.
My downwind speed has really improved and I surfed the waves perfectly", said Al Kooheji.
Unless you take precautions, deer, elk, bears, and other game animals will smell you from hundreds of yards downwind.