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spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position

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2pc in the first three months this year, the highest rate in a year, from a downwardly revised 2.
2 percent in the first three months of 2013, the highest rate in a year, from a downwardly revised 2.
This low growth number in the second quarter, following a large downwardly revised Q1 figure, comes at a bad time, when we are at the brink of political stalemate to avoid the debt default, which could spark a global financial crisis and send the U.
5% expansion in the previous quarter, downwardly revised from 2.
ICO said a downwardly revised crop estimate from the Vietnamese Coffee Association as a result of low yields in older plantations and unexpected rainfall.
4 per cent year-on-year, adding to a downwardly revised 1.
33billion in November, up from a downwardly revised pounds 7.
However, the key assumption here is that everyone wants to progress upwards and this may mean that the more downwardly noble, yet still talented employees may not feel comfortable staying in the business.
Contributors from labor studies and other social sciences look at such aspects as the worldwide class struggle, undocumented workers and the US informal economy, the pedagogy of oppression, and class for a downwardly mobile generation.
Women were twice as likely to be downwardly mobile but generally avoided the depression and poor psychological wellbeing experienced by men in the same situation.
But this portrayal of Kansas evangelicals backing nonsense against their own interests ignores the fact that evangelical churches around the country offer not only a sense of religious righteousness to their downwardly mobile members but also much needed services such as low priced meals, "career ministries" for the unemployed, childcare, English lessons for immigrants, and after-school programs.
He bade Brasilia farewell in January 2003, leaving the country deep in debt--at nearly 60% of GDP--highly taxed, and downwardly mobile.
The field of sprouting green turf comes up faster and faster, filling the windshield of the downwardly hurtling Bell Jetranger to the point where I can begin to distinguish the individual blades of grass.
4% from the downwardly revised November record of $930 billion (originally $934 billion).
Kopp knew the only way to attract elite students was to "counteract teaching's image as a 'soft' and downwardly mobile career.