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Synonyms for downturn

Synonyms for downturn

a worsening of business or economic activity


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What is ironic but very natural, are executives, in downturns act like human beings normally do.
However, recent survey data have been weaker than that forecast so I now expect the recession to be of comparable depth to previous downturns," Mr Sentance said.
Every downturn is unique," said Sam Chandon, chief economist at Reis, the commercial real estate market analyst which reported last week that the negative absorption in the U.
The real median sales price for new single-family homes has historically been fairly flat throughout downturns in sales, with only a modest downward trend starting about 12 months after the peak in sales.
With the downturn in the credit cycle on the horizon, large distressed-debt funds continue to be raised by an array of market participants.
Sustainability problems, associated with indebtedness, seem to be a key determinant of whether fiscal stance is pro-cyclical during downturns.
A good news/bad news consequence of a downturn business environment is that it usually forces a reorganization of the technology functions.
By expanding the net operating loss carryback provisions, Congress can help smooth out swings in business income (and federal income taxes on that income) that result from business cycle fluctuations and unexpected financial losses and provide a much needed cash infusion to companies that are the most severely affected by the current downturn in the economy.
Since the market downturn gathered strength, after the Fed raised rates two weeks ago, investors have been burdened by a consistent stream of bad news ranging from a surge in interest rates to reports that the average mutual fund lost about 2 percent in the first quarter of this year.
7 percent in the year following each of those downturns, compared with an estimated labor force growth rate of just 0.
However it will be crucial in the world of very low or zero inflation to avoid excessive swings in asset values that tend to bring "aggravated" downturns.
Rubin testified that the measure could worsen economic downturns by limiting the government's ability to pay unemployment and other social welfare benefits when the economy slows.
Japan has long had characteristic cycles of deep economic downturns followed by healthy rebounds.
While GHCs are exposed to cyclicality on the revenue side, margins of certain companies in the industry have proven remarkably resilient through economic downturns.