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Synonyms for downturn

Synonyms for downturn

a worsening of business or economic activity


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Our view is that defaults are indeed likely to increase but are also highly unlikely to reach the problematic levels encountered during the last downturn.
Investments in customers: Your customers aren't enjoying the downturn any more than you are.
The city's economic downturn over the last six months was accelerated by the Sept.
But those lessons will come over time and after the next economic and market downturn.
A downturn in the accounts receivable turnover rate suggests customers are finding it difficult to pay bills and can signal the beginning of a decline.
Over recent years the company has improved its capital structure and increased its geographic diversity and has better positioned itself to withstand a meaningful housing downturn.
In addition to the downturn in Japan, the developers were also hurt by California's recession of the early and mid-1990s.
Human capital is especially important during a market downturn.
We've just had a really nasty downturn in the communications marketplace and it has caught up with these guys.
Over supply has tended to have much more of an impact on occupancy rates than lack of demand caused by a temporary downturn in the economy," he said.
The recent economic downturn and management's response to it has validated the strength of the gross pledge.
During the previous economic downturn, how many developers had over leveraged their properties with unrealistic rent expectations caused just as much grief as overbuilding.
Auditor-Controller Thomas Mahon said a downturn in the county's bond rating would not affect the county's current bonds - technically called certificates of participation - but could increase the cost and interest rates of those sold in the future.
upfront, a potential economic downturn and the threat of disintermediation.
Most people in the industry have concentrated on observing and measuring new construction activity as the indicator or catalyst for the next downturn.