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Synonyms for downturn

Synonyms for downturn

a worsening of business or economic activity


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During the downturn 31% of workers stopped or reduced savings for retirement in cash deposits, 25% reduced investments and 25% reduced personal pension schemes.
In other words, provided a company has the resources to acquire, they should do so in a downturn without question.
Globally, 38 percent of respondents report that the downturn had a "negative" or "quite negative" impact on their net worth; in contrast, less than a quarter of respondents from the UAE said the same.
Nearly two-thirds of businesses in Wales expect the credit crunch and downturn to adversely affect their business in 2009, citing changes in consumer demand, global commodity prices and exchange rates as factors perceived to be impacting on their operations.
The survey also found that the majority of CIOs across Europe were in IT leadership positions during the 1999 to 2000 downturn when the dot com bubble burst.
Few companies can survive a deep economic downturn simply by hoping they won't lose.
When this downturn is over, the North American marketplace is sure to have reduced casting capacity as several more metalcasters go out of business.
Mr Austin said: "The downturn might have started in America, but it's having a real impact on families and businesses here in the West Midlands who need a government that is on their side providing real help to get them through the downturn.
Every downturn is unique," said Sam Chandon, chief economist at Reis, the commercial real estate market analyst which reported last week that the negative absorption in the U.
By indexing the data of the different series to their respective peaks, we can get a clearer picture of the severity of each downturn over a given time frame.
Again, because many investors in this type of paper have never managed portfolios through a downturn, there is great concern about how they will react and impact the restructuring process.
The improving economy during the three months preceding the first President Bush's ill-fated 1992 re-election attempt as well as the economic downturn in the few months preceding the 2000 election are prime examples of third-quarter changes not being recognized by November voters.
Fiscal retrenchment in a downturn may conceivably be expansionary because it puts the debt dynamics on a sustainable path.
Delaware's cyclical pattern was very different, according to Crone: "Delaware suffered one long cyclical downturn between August 1979 and August 1982--a period that spanned two downturns for the Nation and for the other two States in the region.
Dance and theater producer/ presenter Cleveland Public Theatre cut programming and announced temporary layoffs, and Ohio Ballet in Akron continues to fight a three-year downturn that has reduced the size of the company by nearly half.