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Synonyms for downtown

the central area or commercial center of a town or city

of or located in the lower part of a town, or in the business center


toward or in the lower or central part of town


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Advertise--It might seem counter-intuitive but, even though money is tight, this is NOT the time for downtown organizations or downtown businesses to stop marketing.
Luoma says the downtown core has recently begun a trend of positive growth, with an estimated 12 businesses having been established in the area in 2006.
The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership will combine the resources and functions of four local economic development organizations: The Downtown Brooklyn Council, The BAM Local Development Corporation, The MetroTech Business Improvement District and The Fulton Mall Improvement Association.
We want to make downtown a destination, not a shortcut,'' said Councilman Ron Smith.
The closing of the last downtown Woolworth stores in the 1990s provoked markedly different responses in downtown customers.
Urban enthusiasts like Tom Gilmore, a developer who has converted several downtown buildings into loft apartments, have lobbied hard for an ordinance to limit telecom space, particularly in the five-block swath of streets designated the neighborhood's "historic core.
As if to prove this point, the transformed Pershing Square, the traditional civic space of Downtown Los Angeles, was opened with enthusiastic celebrations on February 6, only 20 days after the devastating earthquake that measured 8.
The public forum is the first in a series of public workshops and meetings set to review development of the Downtown Strategic Plan, a community-based planning effort of the Downtown Strategic Plan Advisory Committee and the Community Redevelopment Agency proposed to chart the future development of downtown Los Angeles through the next 20 years.
The city covers over 80 square miles, is bisected by a major interstate and three state highways, and is served by the Ontario Airport and the Metrolink to downtown Los Angeles The regional economy is strong, evidenced by average annual population growth between 2000 and 2006 of about 2.
Produced by nationally renowned downtown experts HyettPalma, the presentation allows local officials to show their constituents what the America Downtown program is all about and what it can do for their downtowns.
On Thursday, the city will host a 5-kilometer downtown walk from noon to 2 p.
The arrival of Wal-Mart and Home Depot in the Sault's north end has downtown merchants and the city looking for ways to keep the community's core vibrant and diversified.
According to his firm's research, if 10 million square feet of new office space is added at the WTC site as planned and the pace of economic growth slows or even stops with a national recession sometime over the next 10 years, then the office sector in the downtown market may never truly rebound.
The financial support TCF provides helps ensure the downtown holiday tradition remains an exciting, annual, free event for the entire community.
And we are seeing the benefits spread to other areas adjacent to downtown and throughout the city.