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a period of time when something (as a machine or factory) is not operating (especially as a result of malfunctions)

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Monitored data can direct machine operators and maintenance staff to problems as they happen, reducing downtime and troubleshooting.
Trend and X-Bar and R displays are also available, as well as capability for entering scrap codes, downtime codes, operator and job codes, and automatic entries of SQC data.
We decided to implement the WSIG Predictive Maintenance solution because we expect it to reduce our MRO inventory, decrease planned and unplanned downtimes, and lower our labor costs for maintenance labor and overtime," said Gary Yacobian, senior engineer for Engelhard.
WSIG Project Expected to Reduce MRO Inventory, Downtime and
By using DT Analyst, a manufacturer can identify production weaknesses, optimize production processes and tap into a plant's `hidden capacity' simply by reducing overall downtimes, changeover time, maintenance problems and product flow or bottleneck problems," he said.