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a period of time when something (as a machine or factory) is not operating (especially as a result of malfunctions)

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With the right tools in place and with high levels of availability designed into new IT infrastructure projects, particularly for mission-critical applications, many data centers have succeeded in drastically minimizing their unplanned downtime.
SharePlex also offers easier setup with the ability to perform "live" activation so no downtime is required to get SharePlex up and running.
Operating at temperatures up to 500 [degrees] F (260 [degrees] C), the filters are said to clean and maintain efficiency of heat transfer fluid and oil, continuously clean the fluid without disrupting system operation, reduce wear of such rotating assemblies as pump rotors, impellers, seals, valves and stems, increase the life of the heating system and reduce downtime.
Minor problems that can be fixed before the equipment is scheduled to operate are fixed, but major problems that will cause breakdown are left and scheduled during downtime.
Specifically, the study examines the annual costs of lost revenue and productivity due to downtime caused by network products, security products, servers, applications, service providers, cables and connectors, and e-commerce.
Network monitors production quantities, rejects, operators, and downtime for up to 99 machines.
The estimated average costs of system failures would be nearly fatal to some companies and can range to nearly $3 million/hour of downtime in certain industries.
The study looks at seven key downtime causes: network products, security, cables and connectors, servers, applications, service providers, and e-commerce.
The Midas 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 family of production and process monitoring systems provides injection molders a full range of products to monitor basic production variables such as cycle times and downtime, as well as complex process variables.
Read all documentation thoroughly before you begin: VMware documentation identifies the needed steps, offers specific recommendations, and outlines the expected downtime of any given step.
It is not 24X7, but a business deliverable that has specific service levels expected by the organization and one that must be defined by flexibility, scalability and a "variable tolerance" for planned and unplanned downtime.
Systems/Network Management Solutions Dramatically Reduce the Scope of Downtime
It draws from the CIM-1 system's built-in Event Database, which logs all process alarms (excursions outside of manually or automatically set SPC limits), downtime occurrences, and other "events," such as an operator logging on or off a machine station, activity by a maintenance or setup person at a machine, or any other discrete occurrence that the user considers worthy of logging in the database.
Computer Troubleshooters USA National Director Chip Reaves stresses five key factors that help businesses prevent downtime.
Network downtime can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute.