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a period of time when something (as a machine or factory) is not operating (especially as a result of malfunctions)

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Emirates NBD has scheduled a period of online downtime for Friday morning
8220;The Fielding Systems Platform already tracks production reporting, and now enables our clients to easily share downtime reasoning throughout all affected departments so marketing, accounting, engineering, and management are aware of events that impact production downtime.
Maintenance downtime for half of its 200mm wafer fabs will also be postponed until the end of the holidays while the other half have been maintained.
Before you can calculate downtime costs, you need to know its sources.
It suggests companies simplify network management through the use of a single, integrated tool, and that they work to predict problems in order to help reduce downtime.
Most importantly the data migration tasks can be automated and occur without any user downtime or client reconfigurations.
Threats to reliability can be identified and corrected proactively, and poor power quality or disturbances can be dealt with promptly and efficiently to help prevent downtime.
A strict replacement schedule will save on unexpected and costly downtime if a part needs to be replaced before an operator is ready for it, Schwartz says.
Though essentially plotless, what gives Downtime momentum is the character's desperate attempts to forge some kind of human connections.
The reduced furnace downtime has helped John Deere to follow a consistent production schedule with optimized melt efficiency.
In a cost-conscious IT spending environment where even half an hour of downtime is equivalent to millions of dollars, Network Appliance solutions for business continuance are more important than ever.
A survey carried out by iowatch, a company that monitors always-on Internet connections, has revealed that UK businesses suffer from some 60,500 Internet crashes a day and experience an average of 127 minutes of downtime a month.
But the system also lets users drill down into the data and create reports on the individual components of production efficiency, such as cavity utilization, cycle times, scrap rates, downtime, and adherence to production schedules.
Downtime costs your company money or clients or both.
New Dynamic Upgrade Technology Provides Ability to Perform Upgrades without Disrupting Applications - Shrinks Planned Downtime and Upgrade Risks