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Synonyms for downswing

Synonyms for downswing

a swing downward of a golf club

a worsening of business or economic activity


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Dear Patient,When people chop at the ball it simply means they are throwing the club and arms across their chest during the downswing, causing the ball to be topped or hitting too much behind it.
When the economy is on the downswing, industries are bound to invest in the least expensive option rather than the best one available.
A slicer should try to delay their body and let their arms rotate and lead the downswing.
In the morning, the Tokyo stock market extended its downswing, with investors remaining uneasy after prosecutors raided the head office of Internet firm Livedoor and its president's home Monday on suspicion that one of its subsidiaries spread false information in connection with a takeover of a publisher in 2004.
His body language throughout his practice session screamed that he was particularly disdainful of his downswing.
that a downswing in asset prices will follow with a lag of
The dollar's downswing reflected persistent market worries about the huge budget and current-account deficits in the United States, dealers said.
Over the last three years we've had a big downswing in this type of crime, but we're not overly surprised by the rise - just how much of a rise,'' Peters said.
But the dollar later slipped below the 111 yen mark in line with the first downswing in crude oil prices in about two weeks, dealers said.
That ``something'' is more often than not the raising of the spine during either the backswing or the downswing.
EDS: RECASTING WITH END OF TRADING) Crude oil futures in New York continued to surge Friday with the key contract marking the largest-ever single-day gain of more than $10 and surpassing $139 per barrel for the first time following the dollar's downswing against major currencies.
Treasury yields and fell further in the afternoon as the stock market accelerated its downswing amid the yen's renewed strength against the U.
After all, there's no point having a classic backswing if the club is then thrown out of position in the downswing.
If it was my backs wing I would have stopped it,but on the downswing I couldn't.
I have observed beginning and intermediate golfers who come off the ball in the downswing because they straighten their legs at impact.