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Synonyms for downswing

Synonyms for downswing

a swing downward of a golf club

a worsening of business or economic activity


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The downswing is considered in three separate phases based upon the relative max/min values of the hub path radius for each subject (these phase are discussed further in the following section).
Swing smoothly back and let your lower body unwind to start the downswing.
To increase your power and distance, you need to hinge your wrists properly on the downswing.
It is often said that too many people start the downswing too often by rotating the shoulders too early.
Distance control: The length of the backswing, downswing and the tempo of the swing dictates the distance the ball travels through the air.
He fell into the common trap of using his shoulders to start the downswing.
However, in a good golf swing, the right side doesn't get your downswing started.
The Nikkei accelerated its downswing in the afternoon, losing as much as 163 points as the yen extended gains against the U.
Most club players begin their downswing movement with the arms and upper body.
EVEN with a good backswing, if a golfer does not start the downswing with the correct sequence it can result in wayward shots.
Most club golfers start their downswing with the upper body: this pushes the club to the outside (Pic 1).
This is when all the body weight shifts to the wrong side during the backswing causing all sorts of problems for the downswing.
Despite the enormous challenges to the good life, residents flock to Southern California - the flow of outward migration is on the downswing again, after residents fled with the '90s recession, one expert said.
To hit your ball longer, you need to keep your right elbow folded and pointed straight down roughly waist-high on the downswing.
Share prices accelerated their downswing in the afternoon as stocks in China and other Asian nations expanded losses.