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a stroke normally made in a downward direction

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graduate student in Princevac's lab and a co-author on the paper, explained that in a downstroke, the air pressure difference developed as a result of wing movement creates flow from the bottom to the top of the wing.
Partly influenced by Seurat, he has painted in rapid, broken downstrokes and divided colours, which are unex pectedly subtle in defining texture, such as the slim gathered drape of the ladies' silk dresses, the curved float of a muslin overskirt, the limp billow of a chiffon sleeve, and the tight woollen tug of a soldier's red jerkin.
The hand of the Harley lyric is more compact than that of Royal or |Tremulous', with shorter ascenders lacking the clubbed serifs and occasional incipient splitting of the latter, and without any wobble in the downstrokes.
In a bit of schoolboyish optical trickery, they also stand in for male and female nudes, up- and downstrokes positioned to resemble limbs and appendages.
For those potential viewers without private air transport, these are safe landing spaces, marked neatly with an "H", where accomplished pilots can show off by land accurately with their runners on the downstrokes.
The logs, nailed to the stands, were marked out for the first upstrokes and downstrokes, the markings giving each log a wide-open mouth.