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Synonyms for downstream

in the direction of a stream's current


away from the source or with the current


References in classic literature ?
By the time we had paddled well out into the current, we had drifted so far downstream that we were in full view of the Fire People's abiding-place.
At the first shriek of the tearing iron, Alexander jumped from the downstream side of the bridge.
Perhaps after dark he could steal through the temple grounds and continue on downstream until he had come beyond the city; and so he stood and waited until his limbs became almost paralyzed with cold, and he knew that he must find some other plan for escape.
We left, paddling downstream close to the bank; and as we passed by the creek where they were fishing, the great shouting had ceased, but the murmur of voices was loud like the humming of insects flying at noonday.
The World Refining Association in partnership with Egypt's Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources have announced the inaugural Egypt Downstream Summit & Exhibition taking place at the Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers hotel in Cairo, next February.
5MW Membury project, which was the last part of our initial pipeline of 71MW of projects we developed in the UK, further strengthens our foothold in the downstream market and contributes to our profitability and cash flows.
Kent Jones, CFO for Downstream Casino, relays that "Casino Cash Trac will provide us with the ability to analyze the data, track all transactions and give us immediate benefits and the ability to spend time making decisions versus doing manual work.
Downstream processing's inability to keep pace with upstream advances in recent years have been well-documented, and our annual studies have shown for some time that downstream is contributing to significant capacity bottlenecks at respondents' facilities.
com, with over 87% of the downstream traffic in that area.
An institutional investor noted downstream steelmakers have to focus on inventory levels in the third quarter amid sluggish demand.
I am confident that under Khaled's leadership, his team will continue to position KBR as a leader in the Downstream sector," said John Quinn, President, Downstream.
Complete downstream systems available for all product lines.
She added that old Cargill Lake tended to be an isolated lake due to a seasonal outflow of the downstream creek, allowing little fish movement.
Complexity really starts to set in, however, in the downstream portion of plants, where record high nonferrous scrap prices have caused recyclers to pay close attention to the non-magnetic post-shredding stream.