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Synonyms for downstairs

on or of lower floors of a building


References in classic literature ?
Tulliver was resting in his chair a little after the fatigue of dressing, and Maggie and Tom were seated near him, when Luke entered to ask if he should help master downstairs.
You must not be surprised to see the room look very bare downstairs, father," said Maggie; "but there's your chair and the bureau;
When my niece comes downstairs, sir, you have my full permission to take the liberty of looking at her neck.
She opened it to him in her walking-dress, obedient to the signal agreed on between them which summoned her downstairs.
Late in the evening, when the parlor at North Shingles began to get dark, and when the captain rang the bell for candles as usual, he was surprised by hearing Magdalen's voice in the passage telling the servant to take the lights downstairs again.
Then he nailed the plank down again, and put his tools in his bag, and came downstairs.
she said, and jumping off his back she went downstairs.
The show being over, the flutter in the air became quite a little storm, and the precious little bells went ringing downstairs.
With that, he shook the snuff from his fingers as if he had shaken the dust from his feet, and quietly walked downstairs.
Its owner went downstairs into the courtyard, got into his carriage, and drove away.
On somebody's motion, we resolved to go downstairs to the dress-boxes, where the ladies were.
I had a stupid intention of replying that I was going to wait, to hand her downstairs.
A HUSBAND who told his wife he was going downstairs to make a drink instead drove to a 120ft high bridge over the M62 where he fell to his death.
One brick smashed a downstairs window, while at least two more missiles damaged the top-floor windows of the Liverpool to West Kirby service.
I went downstairs and came back and said to my manageress, 'Well the good news is it's not the power.