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Antonyms for downstage

the front half of the stage (as seen from the audience)

of the front half of a stage


at or toward the front of the stage

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Also obtrusively high are the diagonal ramps from the downstage corners of the thrust: although their primary function is to give passage to/from the stage, they can also provide extensions to it.
On the floor, downstage center, is a lion skin, complete with head and teeth.
The act closes with Mary downstage at the time of Jesus' birth while upstage behind her is the Pieta, Mary holding Jesus' body.
Through the slow death and destruction which occurs in Act Two of Giutio Cesare there was a small red fox downstage right.
Cukor carefully shifts the actors right and left, upstage and downstage, from seated to standing, so that their positions relative to the camera are constantly shifting but usually balanced.
If you, as the provider, don't downstage, and the fiscal intermediary sees from your documentation of size, depth and drainage, that the wound is something less than a stage III, it is conceivable that you could end up owing the payer.
Bethell called the "dual consciousness" of actor and role is foregrounded, and for what Robert Weimann calls the platea mode of downstage direct audience address.
The board of directors of Komen has been intentional about the organic growth of its leadership, and Liz, Katrina and the senior management team represent the passion and talent needed to increase screening, ensure quality care, downstage the disease worldwide and ultimately end breast cancer forever.
As each man wove downstage, he spoke his chosen quote aloud: "I dance because it feeds my soul.
Once in a while, however, downstage divides like a curtain and Bou Nassar emerges to address the audience directly, intermittently luring them into a straightforward dialogue -- asking, for instance, if they like her shoes.
Nor did Act II, though I liked it less: the too-overt sexual imagery; the Flower Maidens' mannered poses; the much-publicized "stream of blood" downstage, invisible to anyone not seated in the tiers.
These will be HIGHLIGHTS of include a UK The Prince of the 1), with scenery Horse designer Peter Wright's Christmas (and all time will run in the used to create a false proscenium arch, a black frame downstage.
Actors will read dialog form their scripts while standing in front of music stands, but will come downstage to perform fully choreographed musical numbers.
As Leontes and Polixenes reminisced nostalgically about their prepubescent boyhood friendship downstage center, Mamillius sat with his mother Queen Hermione, playing with the bear upstage, creating a sense of homey warmth.
The curtains opened revealing an older version of the socialite, but still as rambunctious, downstage with her back to the audience as she fiddled with the fire; the resemblance was uncanny.