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Antonyms for downstage

the front half of the stage (as seen from the audience)

of the front half of a stage


at or toward the front of the stage

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Fans and scholars of Brennan's fiction will be disconcerted to see the way in which Donoghue takes creative license to insinuate a connection between the upstage action of the short stories and the downstage action depicting Brennan's career and marriage.
25) Access/egress is possible downstage through the audience via a flight of steps at the center of the thrust and at the corners via diagonal ramps, and upstage via exits to either side and through whatever opening(s) may be built into structures across the proscenium opening.
In theatre, when an actor moves towards the front of the stage, is this known as moving downstage or upstage?
Downstage center was a large, rectangular reflecting / wading pool, and on the back edge of the pool was a typewriter that Beatrice and Benedick used for writing their love poems.
At several points Dromgoole took advantage of the flexible approach to locale built into the Globe stage, most notably when he had Juliet visible mid stage in her bed while old Capulet and others were active with their preparations downstage.
The theatre group, Downstage Theatre, defended the criticism, saying it left the adult themes in, as it did not want to be condescending to children.
With violins, cellos, and string instruments downstage, the wind instruments were in center stage at a small height while the percussion instruments dominated the upstage.
ANGELA MORETON adds: When Irving came to enact the death scene in Alfred Tennyson's Becket--produced at the Lyceum in 1893--he was always careful to fall forwards, his head downstage.
The curtains opened revealing an older version of the socialite, but still as rambunctious, downstage with her back to the audience as she fiddled with the fire; the resemblance was uncanny.
A ridiculous-looking tree with dangling tiles sits distractingly downstage.
At one point a buff male performer landed downstage, his face mere feet from mine in the front row, and winked, banishing all previous memories of Barnum and Bailey for good.
In her dressing room during the brief opening credits, she laughs, and, after her indelible silhouette punctuates ruby backlighting--"Ladies and gentlemen, Liza Minnelli"--she whirls into motion, cruises downstage, tosses her white fedora to the wings, stows her snow-fur boa with some lucky dresser in the pit, and giggles into the mic.
Weight loss after the initial procedure can reduce comorbidities and effectively downstage risk category.
Downstage Upfront: The First 40 Years of New Zealand's Longest-Running Professional Theatre.