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a swift and dangerous downturn

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A medical bill or some other expense has thrown them into a downspin.
However, for Taiwan, Japan's report, issued Saturday, served as a fresh trigger, shoving bilateral ties into a dangerous downspin.
14), (15), (16) are solved numerically [15] for the tunneling probabilities corresponding to up-spin and downspin for the tunneled electrons.
At the same time, perhaps honoring her Hasidic ancestor the Rav, she declines to name that Other, who is at once known (as the imagination discovers presence in nature and absence in the cruelty of war) and unknown, as "the name / utter[s] itself // in the downspin of time," as it "enter[s] / the void" ("Benedictus," 270-71)--as the Thou continues to harbor unutterable mystery within itself.
A year ago, Lane County was in an economic downspin, with widespread layoffs, Rooney noted.