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a swift and dangerous downturn

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Old and new nationalists try to rescue China from its demoralised downspin brought about by economic boom and widespread moral decline.
If the Fe layers have an antiparallel magnetic structure, both up- and downspin electrons soon meet an Fe layer having a magnetization in the opposite direction (within two Fe layers' distance), so the probability of scattering is high for both types of electrons.
Her personal life and professional career went on a downspin after the incident, although she continues to attempt to recover through short stints in wrestling, TV hosting, acting and boxing.
In the meantime, unless some sort of deal is cut, the automatic expiration of tax cuts and wave of mandatory spending cuts could throw the economy into a prolonged downspin and offset some of the ground that has been gained on the housing and employment fronts.
With markets currently charting a wildly choppy course, we believe the Russian metals and mining sector is still at risk of another downspin.
As a result, share and land prices went on a downspin and the individual borrowers defaulted on loan repayments.