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3] concentrations in the topsoil layer were both observed at shoulder slope positions among the five landscape positions for the consecutive tillage with five and 20 tills respectively compared with downslope tillage.
and Coauthors, 2016: The METCRAX II field experiment: A study of downslope windstorm-type flows in Arizona's Meteor Crater.
The bull whirled downslope and took off, sounding like an F-250 bulldozing its way down the mountain.
0 m (BC2), which did not differ statistically, but differed from the conditions of downslope, bare soil and bean cultivated on contour associated with rock barriers spaced by 0.
He could either take along shot across the canyon from where we were, or he could stalk downslope and get closer to the feeding bull.
If you live downslope in the Coast Range, be alert for debris flows and landslides.
From a solution provider company at the marcus evans PharmaMarketing Summit 2012, in Wheeling, Illinois, April 30 - May 2, Lawrence shares his insights into marketing mature brands before LOE and managing the post-LOE downslope.
Equally, there are absolutely no prizes for going over the back of the 8th green as it is an almost impossible chip shot back onto a downslope.
Of his troubles on 18, he added: I hit an eight-iron which would have just got me over the bunker I ended up in, but it was on a slight downslope and a little bit awkward and I caught it heavy.
It was a really steep downslope and it's really aching now like I'm doing too much too soon.
We retreated also, noticing that the burning starting unit was now rolling downslope toward the F-8.
But if you get over the trees, you're either on the downslope before the green or on the flat area, and that sets up a good approach shot to the green.