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These were: (i) traditional cultivation with downslope planting (D); (ii) traditional cultivation with contour planting (C); (iii) traditional cultivation with double ridge contour planting and polythene mulch (C+P); (iv) traditional cultivation with double ridge contour planting, polythene mulch and straw mulch (C+P+S) (i.
A second control was taken a further 5 m downslope of the main control to see if there was any major gradient in soil EC values down the slope.
In prior research, we showed that these various algorithms have consequences for the manner in which slope and aspect are computed, and that these consequences propagate as errors into derivative terrain surface values, such as slope curvature and other fundamental terrain metrics, including downslope flow (Lee and Clarke 2005).
Another type of slope failure common in this area is an earthflow, which is a downslope surface movement involving a substantial amount of mixing of the surface material (Goudie 1994; Hansen 1995).
Surface-water runoff was measured by recording the downslope and across-slope spread of water that was artificially rained onto study sites (Brotherson and Rushforth 1983).
Filter strip widths required to minimize impacts vary depending primarily on downslope gradient, soil erosive hazard and obstructions.
Unless you act now, you'll find yourself on the downslope of the curve and your bottom line will continue to suffer until you move forward with a strategy to optimize the health and health care of your employees.
Downslope we saw the abandoned oil tanks that, according to our e-mail printout, meant we were only four-tenths of a mile from the jetty site.
By fixing downslope of polished stainless steel head at 30[degrees] lengthy timing adjustments of downstream reject equipment are eliminated, while the easy-clean chute reduces cross-contamination during product changes.
Improved' fields have at least one rock border or terrace wall forming their downslope extreme.
Residents also have direct access to the outdoors from two floors because the building is on a hill, with one floor leading to the upslope and one to the downslope.
Those words take some of the weight off my shoulders as the trail angles sharply downslope.
A landslide involves the downslope movement of a mass of soil or rock in response to gravity.
Barnes saw his tee shot at the short ninth finish on the downslope of a pot bunker from where he hit into another behind the green.