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They said encouraging local industry for improving exports and luring foreign investment through good incentives are the effective tools for the government to curb the downslide of Pak rupee.
The villa sector has been witnessing a downslide in particular due to stricter enforcement of laws on sub-division and commercial use.
Summary: Pakistani rupee goes on depreciating against most hard currencies, including the dollar, as the central bank did not intervene to check the downslide.
eXtendiaIT realizes the need of providing 21st century information technology services in order to retard and reverse the economic downslide which is affecting every socio-economic level.
Sheffield, Corporation: DOWNSLIDE (Final Show) + Nai Harvest + Awooga TOMORROW?
Within that context, Anchor Allied is in the process of expanding its manufacturing facility and is looking at new markets to make up for a downslide in business in other places because of political unrest, says managing director Ahmedali Husain Nalwala.
Spend on resorts rose by 37 per cent while hotels reversed its downslide of 2009 with a 10 per cent growth in spend during 2010.
Day after day, the Syrian regime's downslide drift is continuing, with the street protesters raising their demands.
Following that, the couple revisit four property purchasers from the past, to see how their lives have panned out in recent years, and how the downslide in the property market has affected them.
He avoids the recommended visit to heart specialists, then begins an immediate downslide, cheating on his wife with very young girls, subverting his business reputation, and divorcing.
After yesterdays rush of emotion you have today's downslide, a day when you either wish you hadn't gone that route or wish you had, but here you are.
Another charge that Mr Sharif levelled against the government was that it has led the economy on a downslide and relies heavily on foreign assistance.
Those who care for its soul must stop this downslide," he said.
It's a steeper downslide than in previous recessions because consumers are saving more and spending less.
While the rest of the world has been harder hit, those living under the relative shade of the Gulf's petrodollar-driven economies should have a cushioned downslide.