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the reduction of expenditures in order to become financially stable

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Table 1 shows the number of downsizings per year across the sample.
Table 4 reports results of random effects panel probit analyses of downsizings of 5 percent or more.
The flip side of that is, all of those companies have done a lot of downsizing.
In addition to the downsizing and the impact it's had on engineering and construction companies, it's also had a similar impact on the technology suppliers and responsiveness, Traywick explained.
Respondents expected the following factors to drive downsizing in the next several years:
The bottom line is that downsizing is widely used as a management tool to keep organizations responsive, competitive, and resilient.
All firms experienced at least four downsizings during the 1990s, with one firm showing six.
To some extent, that which is similar about cost-savings-, strategic-, and merger-and-acquisition-related downsizings may be more consequential than that which makes them different.
Time lapse between consecutive downsizings (TIMELAPSE).
The widespread implementation of downsizing and its repercussions at company level and the national (or even global) economy make it a topic of major relevance for study.
Downsizing is "the planned elimination of positions or jobs" (Cascio, 1993, p.
The purpose of this paper is to investigate long-term stock price performance, of firms that announce downsizing actions.
Alas, memories of feeling cheated last a long time, and the practice of downsizing to maintain price points has contributed to long-term erosion of brand trust and loyalty.
By 1989 the corporate merger, restructuring, downsizing, capsizing mania started to subside, and communicators were being brought back to help pick up the pieces.
Organizational downsizing as a change management strategy has been adopted for more than two decades (Gandolfi, 2007).