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the reduction of expenditures in order to become financially stable

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H2: the implementation of downsizing measures by a company is positively related to the number of downsizings previously carried out by the leading companies in the given sector.
Does downsizing threaten the quality of an organization's human resource base?
Because downsizing is prevalent and remaining staff is expected to pick up the slack, employees will have to be flexible about added assignments if they want to keep their jobs.
Respondents expected the following factors to drive downsizing in the next several years:
Only One-Third of Companies Learned a Lot From Past Downsizings
Corporate downsizings hurt the Greenwich-Norwalk office market in 1996, where absorption was a negative 96,788 square feet.
By 1989 the corporate merger, restructuring, downsizing, capsizing mania started to subside, and communicators were being brought back to help pick up the pieces.
Downsizing or elimination of some traditional engineering firms serving the paper industry
Another topic that deserves further research study is the experience of people who direct the downsizing process.
Alas, memories of feeling cheated last a long time, and the practice of downsizing to maintain price points has contributed to long-term erosion of brand trust and loyalty.
Investors holding securities representing a broad portfolio of downsizing firms over the test period would have earned substantially more than the market return over exactly the same periods.
Meritless workers' compensation claims can be another consequence of downsizings.
market is driven by the growth of small companies, in hi-tech, pharmaceutical and distribution industries, as a counterweight to the impact of private sector downsizings, mergers and consolidations and reductions in the government sector," said C.
An American Management Association survey said that last year only 32 percent of corporate downsizings were organization-wide, down from 42 percent only two years ago.
Downsizings during the 1980s took a disproportionate toll on managers.