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make in a smaller size

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One study reported that employees in 30 automotive plants that had downsized perceived a decline in product quality and quantity, as well as a loss in employee morale (Cameron et al.
By the time store brands are downsized to match the national brand counterparts, shoppers have tended to become accustomed to the new smaller size and more forgiving of the change.
Have IT perform remote audits of downsized employees for compliance with electronic recordkeeping protocols.
An executioner (Burke, 1998) is an individual entrusted with carrying out downsizing; a victim is a person downsized out of a job involuntarily (Allen, 1997); while a survivor (Littler, 1998) remains with the firm.
One of the bigger problems specifically for outplacement in Japan is that many of the Japanese people being downsized are middle-aged or older managers who really don't have experience in the job market.
Newspapers highlighted these concerns with heart-rending series on downsized employees and their struggle to retain their dignity and economic status.
Some of the department's biggest projects had come from departments and managers who'd been downsized two years ago
During these years one out of every 12 to 15 workers was downsized.
The conclusions of the study are as follows: The respondent firms in the study that downsized logistics perceived they improved their logistics performance, but not significantly more so than firms that did not downsize.
In the new application, airport officials downsized the expansion proposal and said they would pursue a curfew.
Cameron, Freeman and Mishra (1991) report that during the late 1980s more than 85% of the Fortune 1000 firms downsized affecting more than 5 million jobs.
DeVries and Balazs (1997) reported that layoffs and restructuring had a severe adverse impact on the morale of the survivors and that downsized companies experienced problems with morale, trust, and productivity.