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a negative aspect of something that is generally positive

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Based on the past 6M, we estimate that the stocks demonstrating the largest downside betas relative to their standard betas on MICEX and MSCI Russia are RUSAL, InterRAO, Mosenergo, Uralkali and Transneft prefs.
The main topic of this volume, covering both theoretical and practical profiles, is of great interest: downside, "asymmetric" risk In financial markets.
In the article, scientists drew the conclusion that busy brain connections may have the downside of producing "amyloid beta, the waxy protein implicated in Alzheimer's disease.
While there's still a lot of downside risk in the outlook, the data still suggests that the recovery is pretty healthy, especially with the strong October jobs report.
In a statement Richard Yeo, the Abbot of Downside said: 'On behalf of the monastic community of Downside Abbey, I want to express the sorrow we all feel that this offence should have been committed and our deep regret at the scandal that has been caused.
Despite the benefits to issuing a PIPE, there is some serious downside potential.
Buying protective put options provides a way to absolutely limit your downside risk on a stock for the length of the contract in exchange for payment of an up-front cash premium.
Ryan - kicked out of his comprehensive in South London at 14 - at first made swift academic and sporting progress at pounds 15,000-a-year Downside, a Catholic boarding school in Somerset.
The economic boom which has produced the highest homeownership rate in history has a downside and that is predatory lending," Cuomo said.
This same client may want to continue to own stock in her former employer but still seeks protection against the downside risk.
The risks associated with these secular pressures will be incremental to the sector's cyclical downside, according to a new report by Fitch Ratings.
The downside is that it resulted in her having to leave home to stay alive, because her family was unwilling to accept who she was.
With the likelihood that such action will improve returns simply by putting the spotlight on compensation and the fact that there is little or no downside risk, this is an "investment" that shareholders, especially fiduciary shareholders, will find increasingly appealing.
While resource nationalism is increasing, to be a successful mining company today, whether you are BHP Billiton, Newmont, Barrick, Rio Tinto, or anybody else, you have to use the resources of your home country - diplomatic and otherwise - and understand how to use new market circumstances like the emergence of Chinese and Indian competitors to reduce downside risk," said Turkeltaub "The companies that are able to do this successfully are going to do very well in the new environment.
2292, but is steadily losing momentum and should fall back to the downside.