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a change from a financially rewarding but stressful career to a less well paid but more fulfilling one

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a change to a lower gear in a car or bicycle

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The agency has received around 123 complaints of unexpected downshifts since the campaign was launched.
With so much torque, the Cabriolet doesn't really need to downshift for most passes, but when it does the seven-speed transmission delivers almost imperceptible gear changes.
If the transmission downshifts when the driver wants to emphasize fuel economy or during normal driving situations, the engine speed will increase and adversely affect fuel economy.
Plus, an automatic transmission will downshift "automatically'' anyway as you're stopping.
The anxiolytic properties of ethanol are further explored here in two different situations: repeated downshifts (Experiment 1) and partial reinforcement (Experiment 2).
Downshifts can break traction, so make each shift as smooth as possible.
There's a seven-speed auto box that blips the throttle automatically on downshifts, stiffer springs, special gas-filled shockers to reduce roll and tweaked rear suspension for quicker cornering, plus a new bonnet with twin sculpted power bulges and front air dams.
But the disc really hits its stride at the end as it downshifts into bedtime mode.
Downshifts can often be dismissed as people dropping out of the mainstream.
In a kind of compromise between manual and automatic that even the stick shift-averse can master, there's no clutch, and the car downshifts by itself, making for far less work in stop-and-go city traffic.
The power-shift transmission also features an Auto Load mode that downshifts automatically when the workload increases.
The hand flutters for a feather through a fast kink and up go two fingers for two downshifts.
If Horn exercises them with the rigor of a linguist, Jack Pierson approaches the picture book a shade more languidly, and sometimes downshifts to full swoon.
1983) obtained NCE repeatedly over five downshifts in deprived subjects who received 2-day alternations of 4% and 32% sucrose solutions.
Over millions of years, it varies whenever the planet's metabolism kicks into high gear or downshifts.