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a change from a financially rewarding but stressful career to a less well paid but more fulfilling one

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a change to a lower gear in a car or bicycle

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International Downshifting Week <http://downshiftingweek.
The concept was popularised by the British writer and broadcaster Tracey Smith, who founded International Downshifting Week in 2005.
However, there are only a few studies that explicitly address the issue of downshifting.
Though only available in a $3,500 Sport Package (along with a limited slip differential) the manual six-speed gearbox comes with "SynchroRev Match" downshifting.
Here she employs it to create an eminently practical one stop shop for anyone thinking of downshifting to a world dominated by mud, muck and animals.
Allan Monks, from JP Morgan, said: "Most will see the data as confirmation that the consumer is downshifting and we would agree that June's release likely marks the beginning of the phase of sustained weakness in the retail sales numbers.
As well as Japan's downshifting fiscal growth and a softening housing market in the United States threatening to push the country's economy into recession being credited with ''dragging down global economic performance'' there are a number of other geopolitical risks listed.
If you're thinking of downshifting, make a list of all of the pros and cons.
Finally, downshifting is important as a prefigurative politics but remains a limited strategy of opposition.
When I went to upshift, obviously I was upshifting and downshifting, and something hit me.
Building on a grass roots movement of people who have chosen a simpler, low-consuming lifestyle, downshifting is a growing trend, according to the Australia Institute.
The system allows the driver to override the automatic mode by moving the gear lever into a second (tiptronic) shift gate and permits, for example, downshifting on winding mountain roads to increase the braking effect of the engine.
Little wonder that millions are reported to be downshifting - cutting back on the daily grind to find a better work-life balance.
Bev Weston, of David Wilson Homes, said: 'Colander girls are a perfect example of downshifting as we hear of thirty-somethings with children giving up their roles as bankers and lawyers to cope with the cash-rich/time-poor problem.
PC makers, chip firms and all the rest are downshifting fast.