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a change from a financially rewarding but stressful career to a less well paid but more fulfilling one

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a change to a lower gear in a car or bicycle

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Simply put, a downshifter is one who voluntarily makes a long-term change in lifestyle, other than planned retirement, which reduces income.
Voluntary downshifters did it because they were too stressed out, or felt they had too much work and too little time.
A more family-friendly way of life is many people's solution to unhappiness; Downshifters Heather and Peter Bestel, with daughter Zoe; Stress in the workplace is leading many people to reassess their lifestyle
The keywords (17 incidents) are: limit consumption/expenditures, frugality, spending downshifters, conscientious consumption, declining marginal satisfaction, and more spending is negative.
Downshifters, she says, "go to in-state camping instead of St.
While the majority of downshifters are women, 40 percent are men.
How many of these new downshifters are environmentally motivated?
There were arts establishment frauds, and political humbugs, and downshifters who drifted in from England and, inevitably, blew out again, chastened and puzzled.
As personal debt skyrockets and people are becoming increasingly attached to their personal possessions, Suzie Brown looks at the growth of the small but steady group Downshifters Downunder, who have chosen a simpler, low-consuming lifestyle: can it work as a counter to Australia's 'affluenza epidemic'?
According to the findings, some 41,000 people,or 4% of all homeowners who will move between now and the end of the year will become downshifters,but the same number of people are moving from the country into the city.
According to a Merck Family Fund survey, 37 percent of downshifters earn less than $10,000 and 24 percent earn over $100,000 annually.
Hordes of goodlifers, downshifters, and frustrated dreamers congregated at the Royal Welsh Showground at the weekend for the Smallholder and Garden Festival.
The Slow that Honore describes is an expression of the same urge that motivates downshifters, and herein lies a more tangible, well-defined and promising force for change, one that transcends the market.
They are a distinct group from the downshifters who sell up expensive city homes and buy cheaper property in order to release equity or pay off a mortgage and to live an easier life as a result.
But equally, it is likely that many of these areas are attracting downshifters.