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a change from a financially rewarding but stressful career to a less well paid but more fulfilling one

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a change to a lower gear in a car or bicycle

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To be identified as a downshifter the individual had to meet the criteria of voluntary participation, long-term change and a reduction in income.
Voluntary downshifters did it because they were too stressed out, or felt they had too much work and too little time.
In practical terms, these "greener" economic alternatives have resulted in actual economic "downshifting" in which ordinary people voluntarily reduce their consumption and hence their incomes and expenditures, which would not have been possible unless on the psychological level the downshifters succeeded in inculcating an attitude of detachment from the material aspects of life.
Whose concept of the good should the state favour as normative for all of its citizens: that of the workaholics or the downshifters, the cultural creatives or the materialists, fundamentalists or civil libertarians, collectivists or individualists?
So-called downshifters seek more meaningful lives by decreasing the amount of time they devote to work, leaving more time for the valuable goods of friendship, family, and personal development.
We are downshifters, shit-disturbers, rabble-rousers, incorrigibles and malcontents.
The downshifters looking for a better quality of life are the largest group and we were surprised how many of them there are.
The keywords (17 incidents) are: limit consumption/expenditures, frugality, spending downshifters, conscientious consumption, declining marginal satisfaction, and more spending is negative.
She finds that some of her interviewees are voluntary downshifters in that they have chosen to work fewer hours in exchange for more free time.
Downshifters, she says, "go to in-state camping instead of St.
While the majority of downshifters are women, 40 percent are men.
How many of these new downshifters are environmentally motivated?
There were arts establishment frauds, and political humbugs, and downshifters who drifted in from England and, inevitably, blew out again, chastened and puzzled.
As personal debt skyrockets and people are becoming increasingly attached to their personal possessions, Suzie Brown looks at the growth of the small but steady group Downshifters Downunder, who have chosen a simpler, low-consuming lifestyle: can it work as a counter to Australia's 'affluenza epidemic'?