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a change from a financially rewarding but stressful career to a less well paid but more fulfilling one

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a change to a lower gear in a car or bicycle

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Included in the group therefore were those who had downshifted to pursue further study or start a new business.
Although CDP fails to reduce the size of the cSNC effect when administered before the first postshift trial, such an effect can be induced if rats are downshifted more than once.
While it would be reassuring to protect yourself against the many pitfalls that could litter your downshifted path, for example, illness and inability to pay the mortgage, it is likely your new slimline budget won't accommodate the hefty premiums.
She admits they probably couldn't have downshifted without their savings and a healthy redundancy cheque.
And although a significant amount of that is going on, what was so striking to me was how many people of really moderate income - how many people who made $25,000 or $30,000 or $40,000 - downshifted.
Downshifted people feel helpless; they don't look at possibilities; they don't feel safe to take risks or challenge old ideas.
economy appears to have seamlessly downshifted to a soft landing (and) we are not forecasting a recession C* the economy is about to get bumpy as the housing market continues to deteriorate.
companies grew at its most sluggish pace in a year during the second quarter as the nation's economic recovery downshifted into a lower gear.
According to a recent survey by The Henley Centre, one in eight people in the UK had either downshifted or had taken steps to reduce their income in order to free up more time in the previous year or were planning to do so in the coming year.
During this time frame, GM has downshifted to the tune of 33 percent, driven lower by its descending 10-week and 20-week moving averages.
Looking at the entire country, the report says the nation's economy has downshifted and predicts U.
Ford Motor (NYSE:F) downshifted into earnings this morning when the firm posted a fourth-quarter profit of $104 million, or six cents per share.
Running smoothly, and well out in front, Greene downshifted into cruise mode 150 meters into the race, only to have to reignite the afterburners when threatened by Ramon Clay and Darvis Patton.
Even as cars reached top speeds of 115 mph and then downshifted every 1/4 mile, ClearSpeech-Mic provided continuous and adaptive removal of the background noise so that the crew could maintain constant communication.
In recent weeks, UCLA coach Steve Lavin has downshifted his practice speed - working the Bruins hard once or twice a week, emphasizing shooting and film work the other days.