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The V2V-HDAV also features an HDMI output, so users can reroute the HD signal to an HD display in addition to the downscaled signal.
Our study combined the solar radiation analyses method as described by Wilcox and Marion (2008) together with dynamically downscaled climate change information generated under NARCCAP to produce scenarios of future typical meteorological years for the middle of the 21st century.
Downscaled modeling examines relatively small areas in detail--in some cases down to 25 square kilometers, (3) a far higher resolution than that offered by global climate model simulations.
The modal damping, experimentally measured on a similar downscaled (1/10) real structure which was manufactured for testing, has been plugged into the finite element model.
The younger Chiang now operates the Mandarin locally, to which he added the popular downscaled Rice & Noodle Shop in the rear, and two Mandarettes, one in West Hollywood, the other in Beverly Hills.
After Flint Hill downscaled its basketball program, the coach went to a financially troubled school that couldn't be saved by his athletic success, then moved to another institution where one of his players's disciplinary problems led to Vetter's resignation and a one-year break from coaching.
The city has long wanted a museum for 20th-century art--the federal government promised one back in the '60s--but ever since the architectural competition for the Museumsquartier, in 1987, conservatives and the media have been fiercely attacking the project, which is financed from both federal and city monies, and the design has had to be downscaled so as not to offend the public's conservative eye.
According to an analysis of New York City tax data by The New York Law Journal, heightened profitability has come largely as a result of a drastically downscaled legal services industry coupled with strict cost containment policies at many of the City's firms.
The army began working with several contractors in the development of downscaled remote weapons stations that could be deployed on smaller combat vehicles.
The CORDEX program provides an important framework for a co-ordinated set of downscaled regional climate simulations for both the historical past and future decades.
The Royal Navy had pledged to contribute pounds 750,000 but had since downscaled this to pounds 510,000, the spokesman said.
I personally would like to see this downscaled (in number of homes) by 20 percent and a wider buffer area for the river,'' said Heidt.
The company did a lot of work with the recently closed Sherman and Adams mines, along with the downscaled Rio Algom and Denison mines operations in Elliot Lake.
As CMOS devices are downscaled, more sophisticated models are required to take account of new effects introduced by the smaller dimensions.
Even certain parts of his body, all we could build were downscaled versions of his mouth and stuff like that.