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The sharing of downscaled data across disciplinary impacts studies can ameliorate this (e.
An institutional demand for climate data, downscaled to a level at which it would be useful for water resources impacts studies in particular, provided the initial interest in producing an archive of downscaled climate projections.
Here we announce new additions to a publicly available archive of downscaled climate and hydrology projections for the United States.
The downscaling methods are summarized in appendix A of the technical memorandum on the website for the downscaled data archive (Brekke et al.
2012), the archive has been expanded to include downscaled monthly maximum and minimum temperatures and monthly precipitation for 73 historical model runs and 234 projections.
Recognizing that many societal impacts are sensitive to submonthly climate and weather variations, the latest CMIP5-based additions to the archive include many more daily downscaled products.
Downscaled CMIP3 temperature and precipitation have been used to drive a hydrology model to produce distributed projections of soil moisture, snow water equivalent, evapotranspiration, and surface runoff for the western United States (Gangopadhyay and Pruitt 2011).
The interface serving the downscaled data allows users to select a time period and geographic domain of interest as well as the temporal resolution prior to downloading data.
2012) use downscaled projections from the archive to focus on how climate information can be used in water system vulnerability assessment.
At this point, downscaled modeling results are invaluable to adaptation planning, and the expertise in the modeling community is improving all the time.
Thorsten Wagener, an associate professor at The Pennsylvania State University who specializes in hydrology, says there is not a major research university in the United States that doesn't have someone working on downscaled regional climate modeling (RCM) because the impact of climate change for planners and managers is a crucial question at the moment.
Public health scientists are continuing to analyze the NYCHP's downscaled data.
24) "When presented with the uncertainty associated with downscaled data, nearly one-half of the stakeholders working with the NCPP, including public health officials, say, 'We are not really interested in the digital data.
California, for example, recently unveiled Cal-Adapt, a website produced by the state's science and research community that describes potential changes in wildfire activity, sea-level rise, snowpack, and temperature, all downscaled to the state's geography.
This level of scaling performance is especially important in POTS-based videoconferencing applications where the quality of the downscaled video is critical.