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intended for people with low incomes

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In white, downscale America, the President and his administration seem very distant.
Downscale chic started with, and is continually reinforced by, economics, but by now it's transcended necessity.
I would have thought that over the years The New York Times might have become less naive about the arts, but it seems to have become more pretentious and downscale.
Lots of Americans would love to show up at a barbecue driving a jeep, but can only afford some downscale station wagon," explains founder Norm Fisk.
Poor cousin 14th Street is losing its reputation as a downscale place to shop and is becoming a mecca for nationwide retailers.
Long-term partnership capacity building/Downscaling into microfinance: IFC%s long-term funding will enable Bank Muamalat to expand its SME financing and to downscale further into microfinance.
Just coming into adolescence, she lives with her divorced mother Helena (Mercedes Moran) and uncle Freddy (Alejandro Urdapilleta) in the downscale, provincial hotel that they own.
Porridge," says Charles Merton, communications director of the American Downscale Breakfast Association.
Constant Lambert was never able to persuade anyone to stage a ballet to Sousa music, and even Strauss's Viennese waltzes were at one time regarded as a little downscale for the noble art of Terpsichore.
ProjectLounge offers pay as you go pricing (from $10 per user per month) so that teams have the flexibility to upscale or downscale according to their project requirements without incurring fixed costs.