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Synonyms for downright

Synonyms for downright

Synonyms for downright

characterized by plain blunt honesty

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complete and without restriction or qualification


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But the fact that remains that a small number of parents are creating considerable problems by parKing thoughtlessly, selfishly and, at times, downright illegally.
The Nottingham fighter said: "My motivation is my two world title belts, my legacy and the fact this kid is coming in arrogant, cheeky, disrespectful, downright rude - and I don't like that.
FRANKFURT, December 28, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The German economy is starting the new year in downright robust form, Economy Minister Philipp Roesler said in a newspaper interview Tuesday.
In reality, it is downright dull as your 3D character plods through a series of challenges that are exciting to watch on TV - but boring to tackle on the screen.
People who support killing animals for fun are either stupid and ignorant or else downright evil.
Taking a hard line, I would say they're downright idiotic.
THE GOD DELUSION is a hard-hitting attack on religious thinking so you might be surprised to find it reviewed under 'Spirituality': in fact it's a book both atheists and spiritualists should read and consider: it examines concepts of God in all his forms throughout history and considers which aspects of belief are downright dangerous.
There are also instrumentals: King shines on the electronica-tinged "Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers," while "Ahuvati" is downright cinematic with its ripples of Spanish guitar and wall of strings.
Sometimes, they are downright contrary to the teachings of the Church.
European countries, on the other hand, have been downright stingy in their response.
It gets downright hot in Iraq, so any air flow you can get inside your Stryker is precious.
She hints at something downright sinister and postapocalyptic, an alluring and almost addictive quality.
Through skillful planning, a true knowledge of farmers, and downright tenacity, the Garst Seed Company was launched and grew to become the fifth largest seed company within three years
Her friend Robbie had recommended her for the job with the caveat that their boss Mona could be downright cruel.