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The grey downpour was swept aside and vanished like the trailing garments of a ghost.
It drove the rain--a heavy downpour by this time--rattling against the windows.
Also, she could build a fire of wet wood in a downpour of rain and not lose her temper.
First along one fork he went, and then another, applying every test that his wonderful junglecraft was cognizant of; but again and again he was baffled, for the scent had been washed away by the heavy downpour, in every exposed place.
The downpour had surely penetrated the Six Hills by now, bringing news of our restless civilization.
Suddenly a heavy cloud discharged itself at that moment in a fresh downpour of rain.
In evening's limpid air, What time the dew's soothings Unto the earth downpour, Invisibly and unheard-- For tender shoe-gear wear The soothing dews, like all that's kind-gentle--: Bethinkst thou then, bethinkst thou, burning heart, How once thou thirstedest For heaven's kindly teardrops and dew's down-droppings, All singed and weary thirstedest, What time on yellow grass-pathways Wicked, occidental sunny glances Through sombre trees about thee sported, Blindingly sunny glow-glances, gladly-hurting?
Before he had driven many paces away, the dark clouds that had been threatening rain all day broke, and there was a heavy downpour of rain.
A sudden cry on the shore sounded plaintive in the distance, and ceased abruptly, as if stifled in the downpour of sunshine.
STORM Barney is set to cause travel disruption across Wales with severe downpours and 80mph winds today.
WASHINGTON, Aug 31 (KUNA) -- While Erika has weakened to a tropical rainstorm after wreaking havoc in the Caribbean, Florida will still experience potentially flooding downpours this week, meteorologists said on Monday.
Weather bosses warn rainfall could be "heavy and thundery at times, with the potential for tor rential downpours in plac es".
Downpours are likely to cause "significant disruption" from noon, with some areas getting 3cm in a hour.
But spare a thought for those who not only have to deal with more frequent downpours, but freezing conditions as well.
Nanchang, Shawwal 17, 1435, Aug 13, 2014, SPA -- The death toll has increased to seven after downpours triggered landslides on Tuesday evening in the eastern province of Jiangxi, local authorities said on Wednesday.