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Synonyms for downplay


Synonyms for downplay

represent as less significant or important

understate the importance or quality of

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But DOJ Undersecretary and spokesman Emmanuel Caparas stressed that the President never downplayed the incident and in fact wanted a speedy resolution.
The "C for condoms" angle was downplayed sufficiently to cause concern from suppliers of prophylactics.
Guilty of supposing that nothing good could come from Africa, Euro-American scholars have neglected to follow the Bible's own witness of Israel's ethnic and cultural African roots; Western scholars have also downplayed the fact that Israel's neighbor, the influential Egyptian Dynasty, was an African civilization.
The theory of pluralism appeared to be compatible with the consensus politics which ostensibly characterized American political life in the post Mc Carthy years and downplayed the role of conflict and struggle in the political process.
I believe Holt even downplayed the environmental destruction that has been taking place for the last 20 years.
In a cover story for The Advocate, Bernhard downplayed the significance of playing the first regular TV character to come out.
Abby Crain, Paul Matteson, Jennifer Nugent, and Joseph Poulson downplayed the virtuoso feats of strength and agility in Dorfman's material by appearing organic, familiar, and gravity bound.
Unfortunately, as long as communicators are tentative around research and evaluation notions and practices, measurement will be seen as an "add-on" or something to be sidestepped or downplayed, if possible--and, thus, will not be integrated into the program mix as something more than "anecdotal observations" and as essential to program, and professional, mission.
The whole idea of PSA as a functional substance has been pretty much downplayed," he says.
Although teaching of evolution was not forbidden in Kansas schools, critics said it was downplayed so much that the state looked backward.
Briefly put, secular Judaism is an identification with Jewish history and culture as the primary aspect of one's Jewishness, with supernatural belief either downplayed or nonexistent.
Instead of capitalizing on the opportunity presented by the hostage release, the administration vigorously downplayed its significance.
Despite worry the decision could set a precedent for hundreds of other lawsuits that are pending, experts downplayed the impact.
The ruling Liberal Party (LP) on Sunday downplayed reports that some 500 of its members in Camarines Norte had voted to take an indefinite mass leave of absence as a show of support for Gov.
A central bank official in China has downplayed remarks on the US dollar.