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Synonyms for downplay


Synonyms for downplay

represent as less significant or important

understate the importance or quality of

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The reform movement, which also started in Germany at this time, similarly downplayed Jewish national identity in favor of a greater identification with Germany, to the point of incorporating the German language into synagogue services.
Calrey, has so far downplayed concerns about the building becoming a terrorist target.
Guilty of supposing that nothing good could come from Africa, Euro-American scholars have neglected to follow the Bible's own witness of Israel's ethnic and cultural African roots; Western scholars have also downplayed the fact that Israel's neighbor, the influential Egyptian Dynasty, was an African civilization.
In a statement issued Friday, the MP downplayed the importance of recent announcements by Israeli leaders about an imminent withdrawal from the Lebanese half of the village, and vowed to provide "all daily needs"
China's finance minister has downplayed the risks associated with yuan declines and shadow banking practices.
PASADENA - Galaxy coach Sigi Schmid downplayed rumors on Tuesday that a trade could be in the works to send midfielder Mauricio Cienfuegos to Tampa Bay for striker Mamadou ``Big Mama'' Diallo.
Quentin Richardson downplayed starting the first game of his NBA career.
Sands, owner of Fred Sands Realtors, downplayed Olson's new affiliation Tuesday.
Erik Nasarenko, Garcetti's campaign manager, downplayed the ALADS vote, insisting the results did not truly represent the union's position.
An Antelope Valley Hospital spokesman downplayed the significance of the report, saying that other organizations have rated the hospital highly.
Though Marriott had experience as an underwear model, he downplayed it and previous acting work.
Polamalu tried to be modest and downplayed his absence.
Carroll downplayed published reports that some Kansas State players placed a bounty on USC safety Troy Polamalu, who knocked former Wildcats receiver Aaron Lockett out of last year's game with a late hit on a punt return that resulted in a personal foul.
City officials contended that water district officials had downplayed, discounted and hidden potential adverse impacts.
Yet this threat probably is a bit exaggerated, especially as compared to a programming bug that comes along only once in 1,000 years, and so tends to be downplayed, overlooked or even completely ignored.