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designed for low-income consumers


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I would dispute this is driving the sector downmarket.
Beer is not downmarket but appeals to a broader market.
Fast forward to 2009, with Blair gone and Brown up to his neck in it, there are some who think Tesco's gone too far downmarket again, with its Discounter range and the remorseless signage and sloganeering that assault you from every fixture in every aisle.
A DOWNMARKET rag has "revealed" that Peter Andre and Jordan are to marry.
When the director's charmingly downmarket ``Stranger Than Paradise'' helped establish the American independent film movement in 1984, Jarmusch instantly became the beatnik king of deadpan cinematic stasis.
Target, the downmarket discount chain, has lately added a few dozen more housewares to its "Michael Graves Design Collection.
Porridge, gruel, oatmeal, grits, you name it: When consumers start shelling out for the big-ticket items, it's the downmarket breakfast sector of the market that gets shellacked," he says.
A vacuum now exists for thought-leading information aimed at directors and top management because the general business press is going downmarket and becoming, in effect, consumer magazines," Mr.
star, 47, called Channel 5 host Matthew Wright to say a downmarket newspaper's story he and Kenny Goss had split was nonsense.
w Sun A DOWNMARKET daily tabloid has withdrawn its support for Labour.
She was speaking hours after a judge threw out her pounds 750,000 damages claim against downmarket tabloid the Sun which called her a prostitute and said Rooneywas a client.
So much money is being spent on champagne - once the preserve of the rich and famous - in the UK for consumption at home that it has been included on the official list of goods used to measure inflation at the expense of more downmarket sparkling wine.
Jo Brand resorted to type with slob smut, Richard Wilson wore trainers with a suit jacket and some bitchy woman from a downmarket English tabloid chimed in with downmarket bitchy comments.
Now, hot on the heels of footballer's wife Colleen McCoughlin's photo special, comes louche Vicky Pollard, byword for everything common, downmarket and drearily accessible.
I've never forgiven the arrogant Forsyth, who years ago welcomed me into his lavish mansion with tea and biscuits then threw me out - literally - because he discovered I worked for what he considered to be a downmarket tabloid.