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transfer a file or program from a central computer to a smaller computer or to a computer at a remote location

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Today, you can listen to the latest jams by reaching for your mouse to download digital music files.
com ESD business has selected Netzip Download Demon to improve software downloads from its popular website.
com today added an additional 25,000 new free MP3 downloads to their award winning free music download service.
Free music downloads can be played on a computer, on an iPod or any other portable media player.
7 billion, but movie and TV downloads will generate consumer spending of $4.
Value of Music Downloads by Channel (Web or Mobile) in US$ for 2005 - 2010
Like all downloadable content on Helio service, Helio Music includes the ability to "Gift & Beg" full-track downloads.
Digital Fountain's DF Raptor(TM) Software Enables Users to Download Songs on Their Mobile Device While They Listen to Digital Radio Broadcasts
The competition between Apple's iTunes/iPod juggernaut and Microsoft's Zune platform will whet consumers' appetites for digital video, though it will be quite a long time before we see consumers completely abandon the DVD in favor of digital downloads.
Adding the Unbox video download service to our current Disc on Demand physical delivery option gives independent filmmakers the choice to offer their works whether on DVD, as a video download, or both.
For a complete list of available downloads or to learn more about downloading content to your Sprint handset, visit any Sprint store or visit www.
All of the sites included in the index provide digital music streaming or downloads as their core business.
It also incorporates a single sign-on entry point for accessing multiple carriers downloads in a simple, one-step process.
First to gain a comprehensive view of the current state of digital entertainment, music, video and video game downloads on the internet, taking account of both legal and unauthorised downloads enabled by P2P software, with particular focus on usage in terms of what content is being downloaded and which applications are being used.
To assist LYRA X3030 owners in starting their download library, three free downloads are available at www.