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transfer a file or program from a central computer to a smaller computer or to a computer at a remote location

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By reducing the number of computer entries investigators need to compare to hard-copy evidence (for example, canceled checks, vouchers, or invoices), downloading permits easy detection of any discrepancy and/or falsification the embezzler used to conceal the crime.
While video P2P downloading is less pervasive right now than for music, it is a crucial issue for the film industry to keep track of," said Russ Crupnick, vice president and senior industry analyst for The NPD Group, "Even though right now the majority of downloaded video content is adult-film content, the amount of intellectual property stolen from mainstream movie studios, networks, and record labels will continue to rise, unless strong and sustained action is taken to prevent piracy.
This service is another way of using our downloading terminal's capacity fully, and this Voice over IP has many advantages," Mr.
Wang Zhen points out, "we do not have to spend money to equip our downloading system, but by adding this service, we will attract more potential downloading users.
The campaign focuses on offering comprehensive and understandable information about intellectual property and downloading issues.
Beyond that, the goal will be to provide a detailed analysis of P2P usage: who is downloading what?
Users will also have the ability to pay online via an online bank which will further add to their ease of downloading our services and paying for it all from their comfortable homes.
Yet just 56 percent say it is "always wrong" to download software without paying for it, and 60 percent report the same for downloading music or movies from the Internet without paying for them.
com/reports/c35587) has announced the addition of The Downloader's Handbook - Your complete guide to using broadband for downloading, ripping and converting music and film to their offering.
WASHINGTON -- The results of a recent nationwide survey released by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) show that the amount of illegal downloading by youth (ages 8 to 18) has dropped by 17 percent in the last two years.
The operators' data charges for downloading content are often cited as the reason for the slow uptake of rich media services on mobile.
E[acute accent]Beyond AMS, Lexar Smart Download also supports the simultaneous downloading feature of Lexar's award-winning Professional CompactFlash Readers and will benefit all photographers who look to reduce the time currently required to download stored images via Adobe Bridge.
com is about simplifying the discovery and downloading of iPod(TM) ready video.
com/reports/c28817) has announced the addition of Music Purchasing and Downloading Market to their offering.
In2Movies will leverage the speed and flexibility of a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network and the security and quality of a centralized service to provide consumers with the ultimate legal entertainment downloading experience.