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transfer a file or program from a central computer to a smaller computer or to a computer at a remote location

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This new online platform will give another access point to mobile phone users to ALONG's wireless entertainment products in addition to the existing downloading terminals.
In addition to outlining relevant court cases and perceptions of the music industry that have led to illegal downloading, the WTD Music Survival Guide's insightful solutions include re-committing to artist development and educating consumers, as well as stronger proposals regarding digital rights management and compatibility.
What is at stake with ongoing development of downloading and digital distribution?
Through this deal, those China Mobile (NYSE:CHL) subscribers will now be able to pay mobile phone fees at any place where ALONG's downloading machines are installed.
Our Wireless Applications are intended to be downloaded by our customers on a fee-basis by means of our proprietary public downloading terminals which are installed by us in strategic locations such as shopping centers, universities, entertainment centers, cinemas, hotels, airports, restaurants and parks.
WASHINGTON -- The results of a recent nationwide survey released by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) show that the amount of illegal downloading by youth (ages 8 to 18) has dropped by 17 percent in the last two years.
David Stevenson is a writer and TV producer who's spent far too long downloading music and film for his mental health.
The operators' data charges for downloading content are often cited as the reason for the slow uptake of rich media services on mobile.
com/reports/c28817) has announced the addition of Music Purchasing and Downloading Market to their offering.
E[acute accent]Beyond AMS, Lexar Smart Download also supports the simultaneous downloading feature of Lexar's award-winning Professional CompactFlash Readers and will benefit all photographers who look to reduce the time currently required to download stored images via Adobe Bridge.
com is about simplifying the discovery and downloading of iPod(TM) ready video.
In2Movies will leverage the speed and flexibility of a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network and the security and quality of a centralized service to provide consumers with the ultimate legal entertainment downloading experience.
That requires two initial steps: downloading the document itself, then downloading the "Adobe Acrobat Reader", which will enable reading and/or printing.
With an additional 25,000 new songs available for downloading, Your Free Music Downloads.