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like down or as soft as down

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With its downlike body covering, the newest fossil resembles Beipiaosaurus and Sinosauropteryx.
Last year, scientists there announced the discovery of a dinosaur with strange, downlike structures on its back that may be the precursors of feathers (SN: 5/3/97, p.
Also under the Smart Comfort umbrella is the CoolMax fiber, a breathable poly-cotton blend that wicks away perspiration, and PlumeAire, a downlike fiber that is hypoallergenic, machine-washable and can create a firm pillow.
Among the changes are mitered comforters; upgraded sheets from 220-thread-count cotton to 300-thread-count ringspun cotton; deeper pockets for fitted sheets, from 14 inches to 16 inches; and a downlike fiberfill for the comforter.
Supreme Dimensions' comforter is overfilled with an 8-ounce loft fiberfill that has downlike softness and performance, said Casali.
The products are filled with a downlike cluster fiber and are covered with high-thread-count fabrications like 250-thread-count Egyptian and 300-thread-count cotton sateen.
A key ingredient is cashmere, which has been quilted into a downlike sleep surface area with convoluted temperature-sensitive viscoelastic cradle foam underneath.
We work very hard on improving the comfort of synthetic fills, creating product that is more resilient and more downlike," said Gordon Price, vice president of sales and marketing at Perfect Fit Industries.
Fossfill is manufactured in flake form, which gives it downlike qualities, but it can also be washed up to 30 times without bunching or shifting as a synthetic material.
Because it's a downlike product and it's washable, these two things don't necessarily correlate.