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Young YH, Huang TW Role of clonazepam in the treatment of idiopathic downbeat nystagmus.
Downbeat nystagmus as a result of lamotrigine toxicity.
Intermittent downbeat nystagmus due to vertebral artery compression.
Downbeat nystagmus and dolichoectasia of the vertebrobasilar artery.
Neurologic and neurotologic manifestations of phenytoin toxicity 1,5-13 Ataxia Oculogyria Diplopia Orofacial dyskinesia Divergent strabismus Total ophthalmoplegia Dysarthria Transient abduction paresis Headache Tremor Nystagmus * Vertigo (*)Includes gaze-evoked horizontalnystagmus, periodic alternating nystagmus, alternations of optokineticnystagmus, downbeat nystagmus, and impaired smooth pursuit eyemovements.