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the first beat of a musical measure (as the conductor's arm moves downward)

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In the new study, the downbeat consisted of a simultaneous bass drum and cymbal sound.
He finds her melancholy yet desperate for company and the reason for her downbeat mood is gradually revealed as the pair bond over the course of 24 hours, going to dance rehearsals and generally mooching around London looking glum.
HOUSEHOLDS are the least downbeat about their finances in at least four-and-a-half years amid signs that house prices are back on the increase and workplace conditions are improving, a report has found.
Summary: Europe's main stock markets slid at the start of trading on Monday, with sentiment hit by downbeat Chinese economic data published over the weekend, dealers said.
I am afraid I was suitably downbeat last year and, when I come back for the dinner this year, I will have to be pretty downbeat again," he said.
In the 1960s and 1970s Jim took his camera to clubs such as the Downbeat, Club Ago-go and the local jazz venues.
Unlike at recent grands prix, it was not the downbeat, self-critical Hamilton that has been present at the last few races when he faced the press yesterday.
Andy Murray looks downbeat during the media conference after his four-set loss in the semi-final.
Their first original material in 10 years visits all the band's styles of old - the upbeat (Dust Devil), downbeat (Sugar And Spice) and zany (Bingo) with Suggs's clever lyrics centred on modernday living.
But the reassurances were not enough to halt a 3% drop in B&B's share price, with a downbeat note from broker Deutsche Bank
Yet also, amid loads of their trademark downbeat tragedy, Gonzalez Inarritu and Arriaga find more glimmers of hope than they previously have.
It's slow, downbeat, off-centre and rather uneven, but some of the performances are stunning.
Prospects were looking bleak after a downbeat forecast earlier in the week, when the meeting was supported at a low of 1.
Now London - that's a place I would never drive So, as scousers shouldn't we stop being downbeat and look forward to the difference these changes are going to make instead of moaning
In a Downbeat album review four years ago, Thomas Conrad called Tomasz Stanko "the most important unknown trumpet player in jazz.