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the first beat of a musical measure (as the conductor's arm moves downward)

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Private sector workers were generally optimistic that their finances were improving and reported the most marked rise in income levels since the survey started, while public sector workers were still downbeat.
Newborns automatically perceive the downbeat of a sequence of sounds, thankfully without having to snap their fingers or tap their toes, says psychologist and study director Istvan Winkler of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, who reports the work with colleagues online January 26 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The ending is coolly downbeat and as bloody as the final scene of a Shakespeare tragedy.
His writing also appeared in Wired, Esquire, Vibe, Details, Downbeat, the New Musical Express and numerous other publications.
The Aussie mastermind - nicknamed The Attack Dingo - issued his downbeat memo to staff at Conservative Central Office.
That's about as downbeat as Carroll has described any situation since taking over at USC.
As the UUP and Sinn Fein blamed each other for the collapse of last week's peace deal, the British and Irish Governments were also downbeat that the impasse over IRA weapons could be broken.
A bullish Victor Piturca said yesterday: "Romania has qualified and is capable of beating anyone," before adding the downbeat caveat: "We have to be afraid of all matches.
Nationwide consumer confidence spokeswoman Rosemary Callender said: "Consumers in eight of 12 UK regions were feeling downbeat in the first three months of 2007, the index falling to its lowest ever.
Against: Called pretentious, heavy-handed, too downbeat -- and preachy.
Her movement suits me because I have a big downbeat.
Relaying the sexy but ultimately downbeat story of two amorous college boys whose love for each other is threatened when one of them strays, Broken Sky is a film of few words.
In this downbeat indie, adapted from a story by Armistead Maupin, he plays talk radio star Gabriel Noone, who wonders whether a shocking book by a teenage author is true or a hoax.
If the black paintings of Rothko belong to the sacred spaces of Baroque melancholy, then the black paintings of Frank Stella confront the promise of utopian abstraction and the grand subjectivity of Abstract Expressionism with deadpan means and a mournful thematics of downbeat urbanism and historical foreboding.
Dispensing with his familiar throaty roar, Honeycomb finds Black in peculiarly downbeat mood - the pervading sense of melancholy recalls Johnny Cash at his most menacing.