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designed for low-income consumers


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Down-market coverage strategies can be implemented through distribution channels.
If more gold-plated celebrities were to go a bit down-market more often, the world might be a better place, and the South Wales snobs' silly opinions could sensibly be disregarded.
At the same time, in order to cater to its down-market stores, the new Kerr is exhaustively studying consumer habits in low-income areas.
The empirical part of this study tests the hypotheses that the higher the up-market earnings beta, the lower the expected security return and, the higher the down-market earnings beta, the higher the security return.
Price was the deciding factor for most consumers, and retail experts said Wherehouse, which also operates Tu Musica and Xchange, no longer could compete with its down-market competitors.
Luxury firms are playing a high stakes game of growing by going down-market without measuring the impact this strategy has on their best customers' relationship with the brand," observes Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza, "By virtue of their massively concentrated purchasing power, wealthy consumers are the initial and consistent heavy purchasers in the luxury product and services categories.
AFTER luring newspaper readers with nude models and television viewers with seamy, down-market fare, media baron Rupert Murdoch has decided to make American politics pay - for himself.
These investors realize that a down-market creates unique opportunities, to make above-average returns over a short to medium-term hold period -- not because there is vulture pricing available, but because many investors are waiting for vulture opportunities and not seeing the fair-value opportunities that may be available.
Screwcaps are still stigmatized by down-market imagery and associations, despite the proven benefits of screwcaps and the introduction of screwcaps wines by such prominent wineries as Kendall Jackson, R.
However, Microsoft is not alone in its SMB ambitions as vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel and IBM are aggressively moving down-market.
Springer, a former Cincinnati mayor, is no stranger to flak, due largely to his talk show's down-market topics (``I Strip With My Family
Plus, today's solutions cannot scale to accommodate the down-market penetration of the RBOCs, and most importantly, will not be able to support a hybrid ATM and IP/MPLS core network.
Luckily, ``Hotel de Love'' is an Australian film, and there's something in that country's temperament that loves a good joke at its own expense, particularly if it's the down-market variety.
This user-friendly, flexible inserting system automates the most time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone mail processes by bringing sophisticated, high-end technology down-market for office and departmental use.
Oftentimes, down-markets offer early renewal opportunities for tenants to lock in low rents.