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Synonyms for down-at-heel



Synonyms for down-at-heel

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DERELICT: Karen Williams in the down-at-heel entry behind her house
This follows a backlash against rising obesity levels, negative perceptions of the quality of fast food and the down-at-heel image of many of its outlets.
If the once down-at-heel Birmingham can transform itself into such a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, why can't Coventry?
That was seen as a big blow by council chiefs who had considered down-at-heel Digbeth a thorn in their side.
Well-paid lawyers are known for splashing out but, when it comes to shoes, one down-at-heel Birmingham legal eagle apparently just likes to spend a penny.
Down-at-heel Walford is the normal stamping ground for the scheming bride who last week married Barry Evans for his money before pushing him off a cliff.
The Hothouse kicks off on July 22 with Girls Club, a comedy/drama about a group of young women who take over the running of a down-at-heel Newcastle club.
When a police forensic team arrived at the pub - owned by McGraw and his wife - it was flattened, having been bulldozed by then down-at-heel builder Lawson.
Mark Ruffalo is a jaded and justsacked A&R man whose passion for music is reignited when he spots folkstress Greta (Keira Knightley) strumming sweet, unpretentious tunes in a down-at-heel bar.
SOCKS are being used to save a down-at-heel historic structure.
Following a down-at-heel performance at the world premiere in New York - where he turned up wearing muddy shoes, right - it seems Depp had decided to invest in a brush and some Cherry Blossom.
Michael Rappaport (above) and Anita Barone play Dave and Vicky, the down-at-heel parents of three teenagers in this new comedy.
Before Beeny worked her magic, the row of Victorian terraced houses was a bit down-at-heel with mattresses and rubbish lying in the street.
Owners Glyn and Menna Heulyn have transformed a rather charming if down-at-heel pub into a cool, modern mini-hotel with nine rooms.
From the creators of Calendar Girls, Kinky Boots tells the story of a down-at-heel (sorry) shoe factory in Northampton which has fallen on hard times.